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Categories: Design, Interior Design for Commercial Spaces,

Selected for: Scholarships 2014-15, Interior Design for Commercial Spaces, School of Design, IED Barcelona

Project presentation: handeogun_7.15icecreammuseum.pdf

7.15 Dondurma Müzesi / 7.15 Ice Cream Museum_An Adaptive Reuse Project

Büyükdere Pier was put in the service in 1913 and till the abandonment it was a building where people of Büyükdere was not only met and encountered, but also ‘connected’ with the other parts of Istanbul. The building played a significant role for Büyükdere and its community’s destiny. Hence Büyükdere Pier still deserves to take part in their daily lives with small references to its original use.

According to my proposal now Büyükdere Pier becomes a local museum / an ice cream museum and undertakes the mission of ‘connect’ by maintaining old and new community of Büyükdere meet with each other. Besides it connects present and past and transfers their significant daily life stories to the younger generation.

Büyükdere and The Ice Cream Museum_

Büyükdere is located in the European side of Istanbul and a neighborhood of Sarıyer. Even though it had a settled population in 1920s, it was a neighborhood like a resort and people who lived and worked in other parts of Istanbul, came to Büyükdere for vacation in summer months. As it is located near the seaside it had small swimming areas and walking areas near the seashore.

The aim of the project is design a local museum for the memory of famous ice cream seller of Büyükdere and his shop, which was located formerly in the pier. The museum tells the story of famous ice cream which is still in the memories of old, young and all of the people from Büyükdere or who came Büyükdere for once in a while, as a part of watching movies at open-air cinema in summer, walking through the Piyasa Street rituals. Ice cream museum gains the mission of ‘connect’ the people of Büyükdere again as its former function/pier.

This museum tells the story of ice cream from Mesopotamia to Fırat River and Egypt and blending with ‘Niko’s (who is a Greek, former habitant of Büyükdere) bakery and ice cream shop’s and ‘Sabri Usta’s (who worked many years with Niko) ice cream shop’s story. After the obligatory abandonment Niko leaves his bakery to Sabri Usta, who worked for him 24 years and is known nowadays as ‘Meşhur Büyükdere Dondurmacısı’ (Famous Ice Cream Seller of Büyükdere). Niko wished that the delicious ice cream would reach new generations. Since then this ice cream has a big role to meet people from age 7 to age 70.

When the pier was still in use, every single day people of Büyükdere with their best clothes on were waiting for their friends and families who came with 19.15 ship at the pier. As a reference to their daily habits, museum becomes again a place where they meet friends and families and watch their movies at 19.15 at the open-air cinema, which is located at terrace of the building. Terrace has an excellent view of Bosphorus, but is not used as a restaurant, as a result of the aim to create another public space, which will become one of the rare public spaces on the seashore. Closing time of the exhibition areas is 19.15 and the panels are closed at 19.15, but the building is still open as a passage between (like one of its former uses) Demokrasi Şehitleri Street and the Büyükdere Street.

7.15 ICE CREAM MUSEUM, 4.7 out of 5 based on 66 ratings

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  1. rasim uz says:

    It is a nice work

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