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IED is please to launch ideas@work – Seeding Creativity, the new contest aimed at stimulating the creativity of young talents from all the world.
If you are curious, adventurous, edgy, sensitive, independent and anticipator, if you can think out of the box and see things others do not, this is the contest for you.
Be free to use your own creativity as a tool to drive innovation and growth. Creativity has no boundaries so you can apply this concept to all its areas: Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management and Communication.
Choose the area that best fits to your skills and ambitions and try to create something new, following the brief at this link.

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Categories: Design, Interior Design for Commercial Spaces,

Selected for: Scholarships 2014-15, Interior Design for Commercial Spaces, School of Design, IED Barcelona

because people don!t realise the other people’s chalenge . Disables live different troubles in every day and lot’s of them occur from the design mistakes .We alll do more comlicated theri lifes. that’s why the chalenge tunnel make their life more understandble. Maybe most of us want to help them but we don’t know how can we do it, ıf we understand them we can help them. The chalenge tunnel includes some challenges which refers the different disabiilities. there are 4 places ibside the tunnel.. One of them for understanding blind people, one of them for deaf, one of them for can not speak the other one for the physical disables. Inside the space both of people will work and gain money .When people inside the space they show the road and how people
can act. Inside the space will create from the recycle and sustainable materials.. Furnitures will create form the corrugated cardboard. Beace inside the space there are some chalenges for people to understand the others. It can damages visiters but the paper also both recycle, cheap and sustainable and also dowsn’t hurt peoples. This tunnel can also moveble place to place, it is very easy to move one city to other. This design also a social responsibily project That’s why this project can be adapt diferent situations for example guilty people should work inside this please or from the high school graduation every people should try this space . Because this creates awareness. People can more please and helpful with this social responsibily projects.
Design should make life easier that’s why we all designer have to work with this .

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