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IED is please to launch ideas@work – Seeding Creativity, the new contest aimed at stimulating the creativity of young talents from all the world.
If you are curious, adventurous, edgy, sensitive, independent and anticipator, if you can think out of the box and see things others do not, this is the contest for you.
Be free to use your own creativity as a tool to drive innovation and growth. Creativity has no boundaries so you can apply this concept to all its areas: Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management and Communication.
Choose the area that best fits to your skills and ambitions and try to create something new, following the brief at this link.

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Rating: 4.4/5 (54 votes cast)

Categories: Design, Interactive Apps Design,

Selected for: Scholarships 2014-15, Interactive Apps Design, School of Design, IED Barcelona

Type: Poster
Software: Adobe Photoshop
Image: Collections

Design for a Better World, 4.4 out of 5 based on 54 ratings

63 Responses to “Design for a Better World”

  1. Mahbubur Rahman says:

    Nice work

  2. Sadia Akter says:

    Excellent work. best wishes for the design.

  3. Mozammel haq deedar says:

    Nice work. best of luck

  4. zobair says:

    Good design. its an appreciable work.

  5. Rubaiyat says:

    Nice design, Valuable project, all honest and great ideas should achieve the goal, all the best.

  6. shamim hossain says:

    This work is very creatively and first look. I like this very much.

  7. shamim hossain says:

    Wow awesome work

  8. Shaifuddin Nayeem says:

    Better design for better world

  9. smith taylor says:

    It’s looking very nice. Good site to visit. Cheer up!

  10. Sisir Khan says:

    nice work, best wishes for the scolarship

  11. Shah Sumon says:

    Excellent work

  12. Alauddin Ahmed says:

    Nice and wish your design will accept for International competition. Keep up. Design was match with the subject.

  13. Iqbal Hossain says:

    This work is very creatively and nice look

  14. Iftekhar Ahmed says:

    Very impressive indeed

  15. Shahin Khan says:

    I belive he can make it possible.
    Thank you.

  16. Sk. Md. Haider Ali says:

    This work is very creatively and nice look.

  17. Habibur says:

    Excelente crietiva trabajo. bravo

  18. Md Sabuj Hossain says:


  19. AkTer Hossain says:

    best of luck.

  20. Alauddin Ahmed says:

    Nice Designed, Keep up.

  21. Shaira Ahmed says:

    This is realy good job ……nice design,keep it up bro…

  22. Shaira Ahmed says:

    Excellent creativity…..wish ur design ur great ideas should achieve the goal in ur life……best of luck bro….

  23. shamim hossain says:

    Nice work. This is very creatively work.

  24. Azharul Rafy says:

    Its awesome.

  25. ziaur rahman says:

    Very good work.. best of luck…

  26. Jamille Jones says:

    Fantastic site , I wish you the best of luck . Nice creative design.

  27. js sojeeb says:

    It’S HiT………;)

  28. biplob pair says:

    Awesome Design

  29. Sadia Akter Sapna says:

    Nice creative work

  30. sazzad says:

    nice work

  31. sumon sarker says:


  32. Launel Abuhan says:

    great work!

  33. A A Hadid says:

    Nice Job. Best of luck for ever..

  34. JP Yuan says:

    Very nice.

  35. labonno says:

    it’s excellent.

  36. Iqbal-A-quraishi says:


  37. Iqbal-A-quraishi says:

    it’s good

  38. seplu says:

    bueno trabajo. excelente

  39. syed marang says:

    great job

  40. syed marang says:

    excellent job. keep it up.

  41. edwin ombuna says:

    Quite innovative. All the best.

  42. Ashraful Haque says:

    Excellent Idea.

  43. edwin ombuna says:

    Good work.Best wishes

  44. rhoda taunan says:

    nice design. (Y)

  45. sajeb raj says:

    grate job.keep going to dream and fullfil ur wish.
    best of luck

  46. It’s awesome. I appreciate this job.

  47. Mahfuj Chowdhury says:

    Excellent job,keep it up

  48. Md. Lutful Bari says:

    Nice work

  49. Very celar, visual and friendly. I recomend it 100%!

  50. K. M. Monir says:

    creative work and very much appreciable initiative. I support this.

  51. enamul enu says:

    so,nice, suitable job and
    good design…..

  52. Anan Raj says:

    Not good at all… Must work harder.

  53. Parwarsha Mirza says:

    A beautiful concept. Its amazing how without any words explaining the cause the message has been delivered.
    Love the feel of it.

  54. amena begum says:

    This work is very creatively

  55. Mehedi Hasan says:

    wow nice creative work!

  56. md. zahirul hoque says:

    what a nice photo…

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