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IT Support is an exciting profession, one that exposes you to all kinds of people. Besides the ability to look up and solve specific problems, one must know to improvise and act quickly in a given situation. IT professionals are not only good problem solvers, but they are also great listeners. According to Handy, patience and understanding are two critical aspects of working in IT support and here is a list that describes the rest of them.

The List

  1. Fundamental PC Issues- Depending on your product, most of the time, you’ll be receiving simple requests related to basic PC problems. They may not be connected to any dedicated software, but you’ll have to help them anyway.

Although the automatic answering system does dispose of such simple requests, a fair number of them slips by only to end up at your end of the phone. Customers expect you to solve these issues as well so it’s advised you familiarize yourself with common PC issues so that you can save time on such simple calls.

  1. Real Easy Job to Learn- An IT job can appear overwhelming at the beginning. You might think that you’ve seen it all only to encounter a whole different bug later on.

However, after spending a year or so, you will be accustomed to most of the problems. New bugs won’t surprise you as much, and you’ll become much more adept at handling your customer requests.

The jitteriness and anxiety which accompanied in the initial years will gradually give away to calm and composure, and you’ll find yourself handling even the gravest of problems with relative ease.

  1. Networking- You won’t have all the answers every single time. During your career, you’ll come across issues which you haven’t faced before and have little to no clue.

Today you have the power of Google to find the correct answer, but this wasn’t the case before. People had to ask each other, a strategy that works to date.

The problem with Google is that you have loads of mediocre content available online. Shifting through the mountain of information to find the viable option under a time constraint isn’t easy. You’re better off asking a colleague or even the team leader for a solution rather than Googling the issue.

  1. Patience is Key when Dealing with Difficult People- During your time at IT support, you’ll come across various kinds of people, and some of them might be difficult to handle. They may have little to no understanding of the problem. In case they start shouting for no good reason, you must maintain a calm demeanor throughout the conversation.

Stay committed to your promise, and everything will work out just fine. You’ll have to relay complicated subjects in relatively simple terms. A little bit of patience goes a long way in delivering a premium IT helpdesk experience.

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Thanks to Handy, now you have a comprehensive insight into the world of IT support. If you’re looking to get into a similar job, this little behind-the-scenes look should help you gain the upper hand when you apply for the task.

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