Home Guide For Taking Care Of Your Expensive Persian Rugs


Persian rugs are expensive. This means you have to do everything that can help restore its natural beauty for years. This is important to protect the fabric of the rug for many years. These rugs have been used in our homes for many years.

The crucial point to be mindful of is that Persian rugs are crafted out of natural fabric material. So the process of taking care should not be harsh.

You can search for Persian rug stain removal techniques that are effective and mild. You can also depend on techniques used by professional Persian rug cleaning experts.

Caring for stains, wear and tear daily

Rugs are used daily. You enjoy them on the floors. You stamp on them and also enjoy relaxing. Spills and stains are common. Regular and daily cleaning can only prove helpful. This is more important if you receive guests very often.

Frequent cleaning will prevent early wearing of the rugs. If the rug is smaller in size then it is advisable to avoid placing furniture on top of it. you can try shifting furniture daily so the rug does not develop marks and stains.

Regularly vacuum

The vacuum should be used very often on the rugs. When using a vacuum, you have to ensure that light pressure should be applied. This will ensure that the fabric does not get damaged easily. You should try and vacuum rugs from both sides so stain marks do not get accumulated.

Most stains on rugs get accumulated because of the dust particles and moisture. The rug should be maintained dry very often.

Treat spills

Stains on account of spills are very common. In case of spills ensure it is cleaned immediately. Leftover spills can easily get difficult to remove in later stages. A damp cloth can also be the right choice to remove stains from the top surface of the Persian rugs.

Avoid using the excess liquid to clean the rug stains as it can further damage the rug fiber. The stain can spread over a wider area.

Overturn very often

Turning the rug over every week is also one way to prevent stains from getting accumulated if the rug has few stains then over-turning is one way to treat it effectively. This technique has been used by expert cleaning services for years.

This technique is also effective for rugs that receive traffic very often. If the rug has been placed in the living room then this technique works best. This will ensure that the stains do not get accumulated.

To perform this task best it is advisable to hire only experts. Professional Persian rug cleaning services are used to carrying out this task very often. If you feel DIY is not possible for heavy rugs then you can also hire an expert team.

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