Top Features of Grant Management Systems


Whether you’re a grant writer, grant manager, or both, an efficient grant management system can help streamline your workflow and make tracking all of your projects more manageable. Here are some key features you should look for in a grant management software for smooth functioning:-

Easily manage all of your grants and projects in one place

Grant management systems allow you to manage all of your grants and projects in one place. This can be particularly useful if you work with many different projects or are part of an organization that manages many different grant applications.

Such systems make it easier to see how your funds are being spent. And which ones have been approved and rejected by the funding agency. If you to learn more about business management, marketing and investment, kindly visit this dedicated website:

Automate and streamline your deadlines, reviews and reporting

Grant management software can help you automate and streamline your deadlines, reviews, reporting and more. You can use the software to remind yourself of all the steps involved in managing grants.

For example:

  • Automated reminders for deadlines
  • Automated reminders for reviews
  • Automated reminders for reporting if its due

These alerts will appear as an email or text message on your phone if you want them to.

Track your entire workflow with a robust calendar

Using such a system to track your entire workflow will help you stay on task, meet all deadlines and manage your team effectively. A calendar is one of the essential features in any software geared toward grant management. It allows you to:

  • Track tasks and deadlines for each project, as well as individual tasks and milestones within those projects
  • Use the calendar for tracking progress on grants themselves. Such as when funding has been awarded or how much time remains before the end date.

Gain collaboration to work across teams and organizations

Company experts at Blackbaud believe” You’ll also benefit from a partner at the center of the ecosystem of good, connected to all types of organizations involved in the grantmaking process.” To do so, they include several collaboration tools:

  • Workflow tools. These allow you to create processes that guide work through various stages—for example, by setting up automatic notifications when an action has been completed or sending emails asking for approval before moving forward with specific actions.
  • Task management tools. These help keep track of all the tasks assigned to each person on the team and make it easy for them to see what’s next on their agenda; some even offer time tracking capabilities or reports detailing how long each assignment takes to complete.
  • File sharing tools. These enable teams working on a single project (or across multiple projects) to share files quickly and easily.
  • Group chat tools give members of your organization quick access to a shared group chat room. Here they can ask questions about other people’s tasks or check if anyone needs help with theirs. This makes it simpler for new joiners to seek aid when required.

A sound grant management system can help you track and manage your grants and projects. The best systems offer a seamless workflow to quickly review deadlines, report progress and collaborate with others on your project. A sound system is flexible enough to adapt as your needs change over time.

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