5 Mindful Pieces Of Decor That Make Your Home More Peaceful


Count the number of times you felt overwhelmed, tired and down within the four walls of your house, but you couldn’t find solace in any part of it? Being mindful when designing and decorating your living space is incredibly important because that is the place you rest yourself – mind, body as well as soul.

But how does one be mindful even before they start setting up the different areas of their home? We are here to give you some tips for the same.

  1. Carpets – They Play A Major Role

When you see a cosy, fluffy carpet, you feel a certain way; however, there is an entirely different image that you get when you see a minimalist patterned carpet. That striking difference in images that pop up in your head along with the different feelings that they evoke is precisely the reason why rugs play a huge role in setting a tone for a living space.

Make sure you have comfortable, soft to touch carpets in your rooms so that they make you feel better and relaxed when touched.

Additionally, the colours on your rug play a significant role—lighter shades along with minimalistic design bring peace to your mind and soothe your eyes. Be sure to find a carpet with your favourite colours but be mindful of the effect it might have on you with its persistent presence around you.

Restoring your carpet’s original shine might be complicated; however, services for carpet cleaning in Brisbane Southside and surrounding areas manage to do it pretty well.

  1. Tapestry – More Than Just Antique Decor

Many people are collectors of antique furniture and decor which leads them to elaborately display everything they own, and rightfully so. However, tapestries evoke a sense of mystery as well as comfort given the kind of antique they are. If you own tapestries or have made some, you must put them around your living space.

If you possess old tapestries, specific services for rug cleaning in Brisbane can help you keep your artefact in a pristine condition.

  1. Your Home Is A Maze.

Ever sat in your room the entire day and felt like the ceiling is getting lower with each passing second? Staying holed up in your room all day can make life stressful and difficult for anyone. And with work from home being a new normal for every working individual all around the world, it might mean that you would have to do this for the coming few years. What then? The answer is simple, make your home a game.

Assign roles to every room of yours. Your bedroom has to be solely for relaxing and sleeping or resting during the day. Allot a specific space for office work, meditation, relaxing. This way, you can practice mindfulness without knowing. You’ll set your mood for a particular task right when you get to that section of your house. It also gives you a change of space regularly to lift your spirits.

  1. Plants Are Good For You.

What is your idea of a fun weekend getaway? A hike? A visit to the park? Or perhaps, a natural trail? Notice how all of the potential answers have plants in common? So why not bring nature inside your home!

Do not flood your entire house with potted plants but if you have the vanity to be able to have a separate space for an indoor garden, you should get them. However, a few plants distributed across your home make your living space so much nicer.

The natural green and the colour of the plants bring tranquillity to your home and mind.

  1. Allow Natural Lighting To Do Its Magic.

Natural light does magic to living spaces. It brings nature to you, to the best of its abilities. A room with natural light boosts your productivity and improves mood considerably. For apartment owners who do not have windows, try adding reflective surfaces into your home. These large pieces of mirrors and glasses will double the light in your room and set your mood right.

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