How frequently should you sand your hardwood floors?


Floor sanding is the process of removing the top surface of a floor using abrasive materials. Sanding is usually done to the old floors after removing the various coverings on it and usually comprises of three stages: preparation, sanding and coating with a sealant.

Hardwood Floor Sanding

Hardwood floors are unquestionably one of the strongest floorings available. They last till the lifetime of a home but can depreciate due to the regular wear and tear. Sanding the hardwood floors can be a tedious task for some, so we would recommend hiring professionals for floor sanding in Auckland, or wherever you are based, so that the process is easy and the finishing is always perfect.

Signs depicting it is time for the sanding

Look for the following signs when confused about the process:

  1. Scratches: If your floor has many scratches or stains, then it is definitely the time to get your floor refinished. Do not worry about the small stains but if there are multiple areas with visibly dark stains, then it is time.
  2. Discoloration: Discoloration can make a floor look old and ugly if it is clearly visible. If an area of discoloration cannot be hidden with a rug, then go for the sanding process.
  3. Water/ Moisture: Moisture can make the wooden floor damp and hence, you will be able to see the separation of cupping of boards. If the damage is little, then it can be solved with sanding but if it is extensive, then you might need to change the board or a section of the board.
  4. Black floors: If the floors have already turned black, then you know that the trouble had begun long ago. When in this situation, you usually have two options: a) Stain the entire floor as one color and, b) change the flooring entirely according to your choice.


Floor sanding or hardwood floor sanding is not a difficult process if the aforementioned signs are kept in mind before the process actually begins. It can definitely be time-consuming, depending upon the size of the floor and how much time the parties can devote to it on a daily basis, but the first and the foremost thing that needs to be paid heed towards is planning.. People also tend to do it themselves which can later backfire and become messier than intended because of lack of experience, etc so it is usually better to hire a professional for this job.

If you see any signs which are mentioned above, then you should definitely give floor sanding a thought and get it done before the damage gets worse or you can get it done every 6-7 years also.

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