Don’t dump your old artificial grass — use them creatively!


My artificial grass has turned old, what should I do? That’s the question we often hear, and we know perhaps even you are thinking the same. And what most people would suggest you is — just dump them and move ahead! But hey wait! This isn’t your ex! It’s actually a much nicer option than them. (if you understand what we mean!). So, instead of dumping, try using it wisely!

Ø  Top notch creative ways to utilise your old artificial grass!

You love the artificial turf in your home. And why not! They are the best alternatives of original grass that don’t dry, destroy, or die. But like everything good comes to an end, even their beauty lasts for just ten to fifteen years. And it’s that time when you should replace them with new artificial grass in NZ from Unreal Lawns. These are the perfect, best quality unreal grass to replace your old ones and look stunning and shine like the stars. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw away the old one. Check the following creative ways to repurpose them.

o   Recycle them — The old artificial grass can be easily recycled. They can be used creatively to make a new tee-shirt or even a bag. But for that, you’ll have to consult the team that expertises in recycling your old artificial grass. They’ll easily process the entire artificial turf to create some really functional products that are going to prove very beneficial for the environment.

o   Give them a new life — Your old turf is most probably damaged, somewhat broken, and even discoloured and dirty. But there’s nothing that can’t be mended. You can easily give a new life to them by cleaning them thoroughly and mending the scratches in it. This artificial grass can be donated to the needy ones and will be useful to others who can’t afford it as new.

o   Try making a new mini garden with it — Your turf may have turned old in the outdoor area and you no longer require it there. But you can utilise it creatively again somewhere else. Like, use them to spread across your bedroom’s balcony to create a mini garden there. Or, you can even utilise them to create a new pretty play area for the kids or pets and help them enjoy without the fear of the grass getting more damaged, etc.

o   Create them as your new carpets for the garage — Artificial grass makes tough and thick layered carpets. You can easily lay them in your garage and utilise them as tough carpets for this place. They aren’t just slip resistant; they also add a nice appeal to a corner of your garage.

An artificial grass is one such item that provides you with a nice-looking green area when it’s new and attractive and can be of great many uses even when it’s old. You just need to stack up the ideas for it and ensure to carry them out perfectly well to take its advantage to the fullest.

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