What is the use of Trigonometry in real life?


Trigonometry means calculations of triangles. You can see in both the words (Trigonometry and Triangle) Tri, which means three, is common. So, trigonometry is the study of the relationship between the sides and angles of triangles. This field began during the 3rd century BC, from uses of geometry to astronomical subjects. Trigonometry extends its applications into many areas, such as architects, surveyors, engineers, astronauts, physicists and even crime scene investigators.

Now if we proceed further, have you ever wondered which field used trigonometry first? Well, the popular answer is Mathematics. But, apart from Maths, it is more frequently used in Physics. The concept of trigonometry is completely based on geometry. All the sub-topics covered under it, such as functions, ratios, inverse trigonometric functions, etc. have their significance.

Trigonometry is majorly used in the field of construction of buildings to measure the height or know the distance of a tower from a certain point. If you know the distance from where you observe the building and the angle of elevation, you can easily find the height of the building. Similarly, if you have the value of one side and the angle of depression from the top of the building, you can discover another side in the triangle. All you need to know is one side and angle of the triangle.

Trigonometry has its vast applications in the gaming sector also. The most popular game among the kids, Mario, used trigonometry to let Mario jump over the obstacles which come by his way. The gaming industry is all about software engineering and hence, Trigonometry is of equal value for engineers.

In marine engineering, trigonometry is used to make and navigate marine ships. To be more precise, trigonometry is used to compose the Marine ramp, which is a slanted surface to combine lower and higher-level areas. It can be a slant or even a staircase, depending on its application.

Trigonometry is used to establish directions such as the north-south, east-west. It indicates to you what route to take with the compass to go in a straight path. It is used to explore and pinpoint a location.

Trigonometry is used throughout Maths and Maths is applied throughout the natural and social sciences. Calculus, linear algebra and many other concepts use trigonometry as well.

However, there are some topics for which we are still discovering the relation with trigonometry. Statistics and probability are such concepts. Statistics, on one hand, deals with data whereas probability defines prediction of an event to occur. Also, advanced topics like probability density function, distribution, etc. are used in large scale industries. Nevertheless, it is still more or less unknown to us how these topics can be related to trigonometry, which is a matter of research.

Also, in Physics, trigonometry is used to find the parts of vectors, model the mechanics of waves and oscillations, sum the strength of fields and use dot and cross products. Also, in the projectile movement, you have many applications of trigonometry.

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