Maintaining A Refrigerator Van


If you are in the business of transporting food and other items that require refrigeration, then you will need to have a refrigerator van for your business. Here are some tips for maintaining your refrigerator van so that it will last a long time.

The refrigeration system is the most important aspect of your refrigerator van. If it breaks down, then you will not be able to use your vehicle for its intended purpose. It is important to maintain it properly so that it works every time you need it. Here are some tips:

Have the refrigeration system checked regularly by a qualified technician. This should be someone who has experience with this type of equipment and knows how to properly diagnose any issues with the equipment.

Check the coolant level in your system regularly and top it off if necessary. This is especially important if you are driving long distances on hot days or taking short trips in cold weather conditions such as snow or ice storms.

Clean out any debris from the condenser coils on a regular basis using a garden hose and water pressure washer attachment to do so safely without damaging any other parts of the system like hoses or fans.

Check the door seals. The door seals are the most important aspect of your refrigerator van, especially if it is being used at home or on a store front. Make sure that they close tightly and seal completely all the way around so that no cold air can leak out and no warm air can get in.

Clean out the drain hose regularly. This should be done once a month, although if you spill anything inside the van, it is best to clean it up immediately and then follow up with a monthly cleaning as well. Use a bleach solution and hot water for this process, which will also help kill off any bacteria that might be lurking in the drain hose as well.

Check for damage to the van itself from time to time. Check for rust or any other type of corrosion on the outside of the vehicle, which could cause problems over time if left unattended.

The thermostat acts as the engine that controls your refrigeration unit. This small device tells the engine when it is necessary to start cooling or heating the cargo area. If you notice that your refrigeration unit is not maintaining temperature, check the thermostat area first. The knob may have been turned accidentally, or it could be stuck and require replacement.

The air filter traps dust and other airborne particles from entering the refrigeration unit’s motor and ruining its function. When your filter becomes clogged with debris from outdoor work, it cannot do its job properly and needs to be changed out for a clean one. Your air filter should be checked regularly for dirt buildup, but make sure to change it at least once every three months for optimal performance.

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