Maruti Suzuki – Why you should go for it?

  • There’s a strong reason why Maruti Suzuki is a leading car maker in the Indian automotive fraternity. It all started with the original 1983 Maruti Suzuki 800(SS80), which was the car that originally put India on wheels. And most households in this country have had a Maruti as their first car. Fast forward nearly 40 years later, and what we have, is a manufacturer churning out some frugal, stylish and value-for-money products like the Swift and the WagonR. We look at the various reasons as to why one would invest in a Maruti. Do not forget to visit this website for useful information about automobiles.

    1) Affordable models

    They offer a wide range of models – right from the Alto 800 to the Ciaz. Most of Marutis cars offered in each segment provide the best value yet offer a lot of car for the money paid. The brand has always had a strong image when it comes to making affordable cars, so much so that when the brand launched the Grand Vitara and Kizashi many years ago, the models were a huge failure for they came with price tags people couldn’t associate with a Maruti. The brand later came up with the concept of giving its premium cars a different platform, called Nexa, separating it from its regular cars, which are sold via Arena dealerships. Prices range from ₹3 lakh to ₹10 lakh.

    2) Fuel-efficient

    Drive up in your new car to a petrol station or any public spot, and the first question that crops up is: “Kitna Deti Hai?” This has proved to be a nightmare for many a car maker in India, but not for Maruti, mind you. Every model in the entire range on offer delivers a very frugal mileage, both in the city and on the highway. For example, the Maruti Suzuki WagonR promises an average of 22.5kpl (ARAI certified), while the petrol variant of the Ciaz delivers 21.56kpl on an average. Every buyer looks at low running costs when considering cars in these segments, and this is why Maruti gets a major chunk of the pie even on this front.

    3) Availability of spare parts

    As far as the sales and service network is concerned, there couldn’t possibly be anyone better off than Maruti. You will be able to spot a Maruti Suzuki dealership/service centre within 5kms of your location. This is also one of the reasons why spare parts are easily accessible, no matter what model you’re driving. And if that isn’t sufficient, you’ll also be able to find multiple local shops selling Maruti Genuine Spares, which needn’t necessarily be authorised by the company. The authenticity of the part is assured most of the time. Go to this website in order to acquire additional information about latest models of automobiles.

    4) Best resale value

    You don’t only buy a Maruti brand new, at a good price; selling one can get you the best possible price too. And this is primarily due to their high demand in the market; just about anyone is ready to purchase a used Maruti, and if it’s white in colour, it’ll sell within no time. Even after 3-4 years, the car is bound to return close to 40-50% of the initial value. However, much of this also depends on the condition of the car as well. There’s also a True Value venture by Maruti, for those looking at buying pre-owned cars.

    5) Cheap to maintain

    If you’ve owned a Maruti, or more specifically, an 800 as your first car, you will have known by now that any Tom, Dick and Hariharan alongside the road with a mechanic’s garage setup, can fix your Maruti! These cars can get fixed very easily; all it requires is a pair of skilled greasy hands. And thanks to the affordable spare parts, these cars are very light on the pocket as well. A front bumper for a Maruti Suzuki Swift, for example, costs ₹1921 while an air filter costs ₹1251. Maruti’s spares are much cheaper compared to other car brands.  Also, grab the latest info on the upcoming cars, only at autoX.

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