Everything You Should Know About Basketball Court Floor Materials Before Starting the Big Game!


Are you looking forward to shooting hoops in your upcoming big game?

But, are you stifled with the concern that your practice on the unpaved driveway will lessen your chances of scoring high?

Well, you are not the only one. Though basketball is one of the most popular competitive games, most were introduced to this big game on the streets. Like you, almost all started playing having the nets installed in backyards, driveways, or neighborhood parks.

But, the question here arises- can practice on concrete ground help you score high and bring you one step closer to your dream of becoming the next famous NBA player? Honestly, we don’t think so.

Proper basketball court flooring can not only help players to practice difficult game moves such as dribbling, jump shots, layups, pivoting, etc. but also offer them better athletic performance. In fact, quality flooring for a basketball court is significant as even the minute differences in the yield, flatness, and feel can change the way the game is played.

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If you still cannot comprehend how the right basketball court flooring surface can make or break your game, then read along. This blog will provide you with a lucid idea of various court floors and unearth the importance of quality flooring in the life of an athlete.

Classification of Basketball Court Flooring Surfaces: A Detailed Guide

Basketball is one of those few games which requires the least equipment; a ball, a hoop, and a flat surface to play on. However, that flat surface can have a serious impact on the game. Surfaces should provide good bounce and be durable in the long run. In the vast sea of choices, there are only a few with features that are apt for meeting these rigorous demands.

Let’s have a look at each basketball court flooring options available at https://www.junckershardwood.com/

Hardwood floor:

Contrary to the famous belief, all basketball courts are not made of wood. But, it is the favored choice as hardwood courts get used in most of the NBA games. Sports floors built of maple hardwood are considered to be one of the finest and smoothest playing surfaces and hugely appreciated due to the timeless, classic, and elegant natural look. It also offers durability and flexibility that is greatly valued by players in aspects of safety and performance.

Synthetic and wood combination floors:

This kind includes two separate types of flooring to offer you the best experience. Often regarded as a high-performance sports floor, this basketball court flooring available at junckershardwood surface incorporates a wood sub-layer with synthetic vinyl. The wood gives superb stability over large areas, while the vinyl offers flexibility, ease of maintenance, and durability.

Green courts:

Green courts are primarily ecologically friendly surfaces that are manufactured using recycled wood resources. When the rubber trees are no longer functional, they are used to design the basketball courts. Additionally, this process of reclaiming resources can help considerably to cut down on waste.

Role of Quality Basketball Court Flooring In The Life Of An Athlete

None of the fans cheering in the grandstand would pause and think about the quality of a basketball court flooring or any other sports flooring surface for that matter. But, coaches and athletes only know how important the floor beneath a player’s feet can be- both for safety and performance.

Here are some essential factors that would help you understand how quality basketball courts can levitate the performance of an athlete-

  • A quality court comes with brilliant shock absorption that helps in reducing long-term injuries among all-aged athletes.
  • It has the right amount of giving that makes the floor adjust as a player jumps or falls on the court.
  • Provides better traction that prevents injuries caused by slips and falls on surfaces
  • It also offers a good bounce for ideal playability and reduces noise.
  • Golden Guidelines to Maintain the Basketball Court Flooring Surface

Wondering, “How does the NCAA basketball court is always so clean, shiny and camera-ready?” Well, you are in luck, as there are some foolproof tricks to keep a basketball court safe and make it look great every day.

Have a look-

  • At least once in a year, the entire basketball court flooring surface should be screen-buffed, and a fresh coat of polyurethane must be applied to keep it looking bright and glossy.
  • For daily cleaning, the floor should be damp-mopped with a suitable cleaner once a day.
  • Try to wipe up any liquids falling on the surface as soon as possible
  • During games, surround the floor with runners to protect it from the hard-soled shoes of fans and coaches.

We do hope we were able to put a stop to all your queries regarding the most suitable basketball court flooring surface available at junckershardwood.com. Remember, when your big game is about to begin, the right kind of flooring surface will support just as much as your team. Here’s wishing all the luck!

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