Tin Tong — know the reasons why it isn’t working!


Ting tong! If you are desperate to hear this sound and it hasn’t come since a few days, then the matter is really serious. Your doorbell not functioning is a serious issue which can cause you many inconveniences if not attended immediately. You will never know when your guest would come and wait outside your door for hours. Or maybe, your child will be standing at the door looking forward to you opening it. But since you can’t hear the doorbell, it isn’t possible for you to know when someone comes at your entrance awaiting an entry!

Ø  Major reasons behind a not working doorbell!

Whether you have just installed a new one, or it is an old bell, if it isn’t working, call an electrician in Cwmbran from Oakley Electrical Contractors immediately to look into the problem behind the issue. They are experts in this field with ample experience and know exactly how to make your mute doorbell speak again. It can be a serious issue that would need an entire replacement of the bell, or a simple one like a loose wire or something that can be tended to immediately. Let’s read about those probable reasons behind your doorbell not working properly below:

o   Faulty button — When you try to press the switch and it doesn’t turn on or off, if it just keeps swinging without any pressure, then of course, the button is an issue! These may have broken when someone pressed it with immense pressure; or perhaps, it’s just too old. Either way, a total replacement of this switch or button is the only solution to bring your doorbell back to work.

o   The bell unit— Alright, so the button works fine! So, probably the issue is in your bell unit or chime. You’ll have to call an expert to check the problem in your bell unit. It may have simply been worn out being very old. Or some part of the bell would have been broken or maybe there is a loose wire connection from the chime to the cable! Whatever the issue, an expert will be the best to diagnose it and find a relevant solution to your problem.

o   Transformer voltage problem — A transformer works to make a higher voltage power get down to lower electrical voltage power. And most of the doorbells only require 10-20 volts of power. In order to obtain this, a transformer should work accurately. This should be attended to by a professional electrician who has a voltmeter to check the right voltage transformation from the transformer to the bell. And if it shows major issues, then of course the transformer has to be replaced entirely.

o   Loose or faulty circuit wiring — Your doorbell, your transformer, and the bell unit is connected together by a wired circuit unit.  If there is an issue in that system, call your electrician to check the wiring properly and accordingly find a solution.

After checking all these problems, we are sure you are going to hear the Ting Tong you desire so desperately pretty soon.

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