9 Free Services Every Young Adult Should Know About


Being a young adult, you’re probably venturing out in the world on your own for the first time. Whether you just graduated from college or started your very first job, you’ll soon realise that adulting isn’t all fun and games like it’s depicted in the media. For one, you are responsible for everything, from putting food on the table to paying bills.

But unlike the generation before yours, you have the ultimate tool at your disposal- the internet. Sure, the internet is quite useful for asking questions that you are too embarrassed to ask out loud and watching adorable cat videos. But apart from that, it also offers free services that will make your everyday life easier. In this post, we’re sharing our favourites. Take a look.

  1. Extra Cloud Storage

Speaking of the internet, everyone needs cloud storage. When your iPhone inevitably runs out of storage, you need another pace to store photos, videos, documents, and so on. Lucky for you, Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage. All you have to do is create a Gmail account. DropBox is another website where you can get 2GB of cloud storage just for signing up.

  1. Learn a New Language

Whether you want to put your Spanish skills to test or want to give Mandarin a try, you can do both of those things for free. DuoLingo makes learning new languages easy. You have the option to choose from 95 languages and you can customise lessons to fit your learning style.

  1. Compare Electricity Providers

How does spending your weekend comparing electricity plans to find one that meets your budget sound? Fun, right? Instead of putting yourself through the confusing mundane task, let Electricity Wizard help you. Using a comparison website, you can easily compare electricity providers without breaking a sweat.

  1. Learn Coding

Coding is the language of the future. And even if you’ve graduated, doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to code. Coding will enhance your skillset and expand your career prospects. Codeacademy is an online platform where you can learn coding for free.

  1. Listen to Audiobooks

Once an avid reader in school, you might not have the time to devour books like you used to. But audiobooks are here to save the day. Whether you’re tired of scrolling through Instagram or on a long commute, head over to Librivox or Lit2Go to listen to your favourite books. Recently, Spotify released “Harry Potter at Home”, a reading of the iconic series by global entertainers.

  1. Avoid Spam Emails

Rather than using your own email ID to sign up on different websites and subsequently filling your inbox with spam, create a fake email. And no, it’s not fraudulent as it sounds. There are several websites, such as Fake Email Generator that allow you to create a temporary email address.

  1. Manage Everyday Household Chores

Living on your own is liberating, but it comes with expected and unexpected household chores. Take, for instance, you have a clogged sink in the middle of the night, what will you do now? ‘Dad, How Do I’ is a YouTube channel that will guide you through everyday household chores with handyman tutorials.

  1. Get Discounts & Coupons

When you’re buying anything over the internet, save some coins by downloading Honey. This browser extension will search the internet for any discounts or coupons and automatically apply them at checkout. Google Shopping is another tool you can use to find the cheapest products.

  1. Cook at Home

Don’t let a sparse pantry be an excuse for eating out every night. Even with limited ingredients at home, you can whip up a delicious meal with FindMyFridge. All you have to do is enter all the ingredients you have and you’ll get recipes. Budget Bytes is another great website for easy and budget-friendly recipes.

So get researching and use these ideas to be a proactive adult who knows how to save money and energy.

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