Commercial Lawn Mowers-What you Need to Know


Commercial lawn mowers are built for a small business owner who mows large lawns as a profession. They are large and durable compared to the smaller lawn mowers used in residences. Commercial lawn mowers are designed to cut grass over a large area quickly and the parts of a commercial lawn mower are high-quality and heavy-duty components, unlike a residential lawn mower.


Commercial lawn mowers

are designed for cutting large tracts of lawn and the comfort of the user is the primary concern. Riding lawn mowers are designed to allow users to comfortably sit and steer the mower. Users find steering riding mowers difficult especially between trees. Stand on surfer mowers are similar to riding mowers but do not have a seat. These mowers are useful to cut grass on slopes. Walk-behind mowers come with a handle that allows users to push the mower and cut grass. This mower allows great grass cutting precision. Professional lawn mowing services use small push mowers in addition to other mowers because they work well while mowing narrow strips of lawn.


Maintenance of a commercial lawn mower is very important when one runs a commercial lawn mowing service. Blades of the lawnmower should be sharpened preferably after 24 hours of mowing. All parts should be properly greased to run smoothly. The filters and oil should be changed regularly. The engine of the commercial lawn mower should run for a while to warm up before mowing begins. After completing mowing, it is equally important to allow the engine to relax by running it for a few minutes before shutting it down for the day.

Time to buy

October to December is usually the time when lawns are mowed. Consumer organizations have suggested that one should buy a commercial lawn mower from January to September after the mowing season. Commercial lawn mowers are expensive and manufacturers and dealers are likely to give discounts and special offers at this time. One can get a commercial lawn mower at a bargain. This is also the time to buy a spare commercial lawn mower to keep ready in the event the regular lawn mower malfunctions.


Commercial lawn mowers are durable and strong machines. If handled carelessly, these lawn mowers can be a safety hazard. Before using a commercial lawn mower, it is important to read all the safety requirements that come with the manual. A well-maintained lawn mower is a safe lawn mower and regular maintenance is not only a technical requirement but a safety requirement. The user should be healthy and alert while using the mower and should not mow a lawn after drinking alcohol. Users should check the lawn, clear objects in the way before they start mowing and wear safety gear during the lawn mowing operation.

Techniques and Patterns

Commercial lawn mowers allow users to make patterns while mowing grass. Changing mowing patterns is not only attractive but good for the lawn. Lawnmowers going on the same track can result in bald patches and ruts in the grass. One can mow the lawn in striped, checkered or circular patterns. Commercial services can enhance the services provided for customers by giving them the option of choosing patterns before mowing their lawn according to the type of pattern that can be created based on the type of grass.

Heavy-duty commercial lawn mowers are the machines to cut grass in large grass tracts. They are heavy-duty and durable machines. Large companies and public organizations have started maintaining large lawns to give a green space to the general public and company employees and depend on commercial lawn mowers to maintain their lawns.

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