Five Simple Rules For Writing A Resume


When people are looking for a job, they often face obstacles. And perhaps one of the most difficult to overcome is to write a good resume. How to write a good resume? How do you make sure that yours attracted the attention of the employer out of a thousand similar papers? This article will answer these questions.

What is a resume?

A resume is a short story about yourself as a professional, as a person who applies for a certain position. It is about you as a professional, and this is where you should focus your attention first. You should not include your entire life, your accomplishments, because in 99% of cases nobody is interested.

So when you are writing your resume, there are certain rules that you should follow in order to get the job.

Rule 1: Be careful!

You shouldn’t turn your resume into a stream of information! This is not a literary essay. A resume should be structured, laid out in clear, so to speak, “on the shelves. After all, the employer reads your resume very quickly, looking for the information he needs. So all the information about you should be presented in a way that it is easy to understand. One more thing. Do not scan a typed text and send it as a “picture. First, a picture takes much more space on your computer than a document. Second, it is much more convenient to look at the printed text than a picture.

Rule 2: Be concise!

When writing a resume remember that the rule “the more about yourself – he gets the job. Also, you risk praising yourself too much. The maximum length of the resume is 1-2 pages.

Rule 3. Conform to Requirements!

Remember that employers are interested in hiring a real professional.

Rule 4. Write about your benefits, not your demands

You should not immediately write your job requirements on your resume. This may alert the employer. For example, the words “Saturday and Sunday are compulsory days off!” will only show that you will by no means go to work on these days, even if the fate of the company depends on it. It is much more correct to write about how you will benefit from your new job and what you did in your previous job.

Rule 5. Don’t be fooled by foreign languages

Recently, many university graduates, trying to get a job in a branch of a foreign company, send them a resume written in a foreign language. Apparently, they want to show off their language skills. In practice, however, the effect is usually negative. It is much better to write at the end of your resume in the column “Foreign language skills”: “I can communicate fluently in a language. After all, if you are successful, you will still have to prove your knowledge of the language at the interview.

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