Handy tips for pet parents to keep their carpets intact!


We often hear pet parents complaining about the extreme damage their pawed children create on their carpets! From scratching the carpet material to pulling threads to peeing on it and making it stink unbearably, the list can be unending. It’s really difficult to have a nice, welcoming, and intact looking carpet round the clock when you are bringing up a pet in your home. But there’s good news for you all, you can actually enjoy a perfect looking carpet in your home now with some easy steps.

Ø  Having a pet at home won’t affect your carpets now!

Most people often think twice before investing in a good carpet when they have pets at home. And even if they do, they are often worried about its proper maintenance and presentability. But let’s not worry from now on! We have some great tips for all the pet parents that can keep your carpets intact and well kept and even your pets happy at home. Read about them below:

o   Train your pets well —  It’s especially important to train your pets well. They are going to stay in your home and be a part of your personal and social life. Hence, if they aren’t well behaved and pee around the place or bite anything that they find handy, they’ll create a lot of embarrassment for you in public and a huge mess at home. And this includes destroying your carpets as well.

o   Mind their paws — Often the pet’s sharp claws and nails are enough to scratch and spoil your carpets. If you are filing their nails well and keeping them clean, even if they try, they can’t scratch and tear your carpet and you can always have clean and perfect looking carpets.

o   Go cleaning on the spot — If in case your pets aren’t trained well and they pee on the carpet or spill some milk on it, you better clean it on the spot. If the pet’s pee or faeces remain on the carpet for long or isn’t cleaned properly, the smell and stain can be very irritating and difficult to get rid of.

o   Regular professional cleaning — No matter how much you try, pets do create a mess on the carpet and it can be really disastrous. And just a regular light cleaning isn’t enough to bring the shine and prim look of your carpets back again. That’s why you should contact Any Level Window Cleaning for carpet cleaning in Edinburgh. They are well trained and professional cleaners with the right knowledge and tactics to clean your carpets and make them spic and span.

o   Choose convenience and aesthetics — If you have a pet at home (or pets maybe) you should be very wise in selecting your carpets. Get the ones which are of tough quality, are of a darker shade, and can bear the attack of nails and teeth on it. And believe us, there are many such options that look wonderfully appealing too.

We know you are in love with your pets, but you can’t bear watching your beloved carpets getting destroyed either. Now you can enjoy both of them in your home without worry by just following the above-mentioned tips!

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