Sensible tricks for CCTV installations in residential buildings!


Crimes are growing and the need to be secured from them is urgent! That is why you can see a considerable rise in security system installation everywhere. And as per crime management departments, residential buildings are more vulnerable to thefts and crimes. That is the reason it becomes very crucial for every residential building to install a perfectly working CCTV system and keep a check on it regularly.

Ø  Smart tips to install CCTV systems in residential buildings!

Installation of CCTV security systems in residential buildings involve the security of lots of apartments. So, you’ve to be extra careful when installing a CCTV system in the building. The solutions of home security from All Round Security are suitable for your buildings and they ensure to provide the best coverage of your building area and proper installation. But remember to follow the below listed smart tricks when installing them.

o   Ensure a wide range of camera coverage — Since it’s a residential building, the area would be really large and even the movement of the people in this area would be more. To get a better view of everyone and everything, install a camera at a location from where you can get the maximum coverage range of the entire area.

o   Cover the important areas like elevators and parking space— A residential building mostly buzzes near the elevators, parking area, stairs, etc. And even the risk of theft and intruder’s entry is most probable from these areas. That is the reason covering these sections in a building is very vital and shouldn’t be missed at all.

o   Connect with remote viewing — Though you’ll be having a screen showing the various camera footage in the buildings at the main entrance of the building, it’s very essential to keep a remote viewing connection too.  You can have the entire system connected to your mobile screen and easily access and view the activities happening in different parts of the building.

o   Night vision capabilities— When you are installing a security system for a residential building, ensure to check if the CCTV cameras are providing the best quality night vision coverage as well.

o   Large recording capacity— A camera that’s installed in your residential building should have a very good recording capacity. Additionally, even the storage capacity of the system should be large. As footages of the entire area are important, always ensure all of these can be viewed properly, accessed, and stored before they get deleted by default.

o   Hide some secret security cameras as well — In residential buildings, mostly you have to put up an official notice in the open that the area is under CCTV surveillance. But it’s important to have some secret cameras installed in hidden places to keep a track of any suspicious activities happening in your building. But ensure that this information is only known to the authorities of the building’s association/ committee.

A security system ensures complete safety in your building.  With the above clever tricks, you are surely going to utilize it to the fullest, get maximum coverage from it, and stay safe and secured.

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