Handy tips to lay laminates by yourself!


Laminates are reigning the market of home decor as the trendiest flooring option. From commercial spaces to lavish looking homes, it is preferred everywhere around the globe. And they are common in use because of three important factors. Firstly, it resembles hardwood. Secondly, it fits very well within your budget. And thirdly, it’s pretty easy and quick to install. Best part? You could actually change it frequently in the course of a few years to give your space a brand-new look (and floor!).

Ø Quick tips for best DIY laminate laying!

We know, we said installing laminates is easy. So, are you thinking of taking up the task yourself? For that, obviously you will require fantastic looking laminates. That is when you should definitely check Plantation Bamboo for laminates flooring in Auckland. They pride in providing some excellent types of laminates including the famous Bamboo flooring option as well. But remember, if you aren’t doing the installation well, the consequences can be really unpleasant and problematic. That is why we have listed the below guidelines to help you lay it perfectly so that you can enjoy the fantastic laminate flooring for years.

o Follow the manufacturer’s instructions of laying laminates — When the task is to beautify your floor with laminates, turn a deaf ear to all the so called easy tips from your friends! Just stick to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer in the manual and follow it.

o Inspect the laminates before installing — Even a single defective plank is enough to spoil the perfection of your floor. And if you find it between the ongoing tasks, you’ll be delayed for some more hours during installation. Always inspect the planks before starting the installation and contact the manufacturer even if a single piece is defective.

o Clean and prepare the subfloor before installing— Your subfloor should be clean, dry, and smooth before you install the laminates. Any imperfections here is enough to spoil the even placement of your laminates later.

o Prepare the pattern properly before starting — It is very crucial that you arrange the design and pattern of the planks in the right direction before you start. Take some time to organise these so that you aren’t placing them in the wrong way later. As you know, the efforts required to make it all proper again will be too much if there’s a mistake here.

o Leave some space for expansion — We know no one likes the laminates to expand, but eventually, you can’t prevent it. So, better be ready for the same and leave some room around the edges to let the laminates expand. And if by any chance you aren’t doing so, you won’t be able to prevent the buckling and cracking of these from middle later.

o Watch for gaps and treat them — When you are placing the laminates, check for gaps between the pieces. These, if avoided during this time, will soon gap out more and spoil your ideal floor. While if you treat these gaps with rubber mallet and press them together while installing, these spaces can be easily avoided.

These tips should make you work like a pro! We are sure you would be super excited to start the task. Of course, it would be a pleasure to flaunt your self-installed laminate floors!

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