Know The Steps To Manage Allergens In Your Home


It should come as no surprise that the beginning of the fall season marks the onset of the festivity vibes. Along with that, also comes the change in the weather where dust and dirt become much more rampant in and around your home. If you’re someone who cannot tolerate seasonal allergies, then you need to take some crucial steps in minimizing that effect.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll be discussing some of the major ways through which you can manage allergens inside your home – with the help of house cleaning in Auckland.

Starting With The Basics

The first and foremost step in keeping a home allergen-free is to keep it clean & tidy. The following processes should be accomplished when cleaning your house every day:

  • You should clean your bed sheets every week. That includes all the pillow covers, blankets and other related fabrics as well.
  • Wash your upholstery regularly to keep it free from dust, dirt and allergens. Ensure that you use a mild detergent when washing your curtains and upholstery so that you don’t damage the fibres.
  • Perform a full vacuum cleaning of your entire home per-week. Make certain to vacuum under your furniture and also the remote corners of your rooms.

Dealing With The Dust

The following methods should be carried out when dealing with dust in your home:

  • You should clean your dusty dresser tops almost every day. They are easier to clean and will not involve any major hassles. Apart from that, make sure to clean your ceiling fans, window blinds and also lighting fixtures.

    Try making use of a microfiber cloth instead of a regular dusting cloth, otherwise, the dust particles that you’ll be collecting will be re-distributed again into the air. In case any debris that is hard to get rid of with a microfiber cloth, be sure to use a dampened sponge instead.

  • Proceed to clean your air ducts cover by unscrewing the covers then washing them in warm water with some mild soap. Don’t soak the vents as it can lead to rusting – instead gently scrub the dirt, dust & grime off with a microfibre cloth or a dampened sponge.

Maintaining Electronic Items

If you’re planning to eliminate allergens from your home, then you need to clean your HVAC system as well. Perfectly maintaining your HVAC system will allow it to function efficiently and thereby provide you with clean air whenever you need it.

And by following the above-mentioned suggestions, you can easily guarantee that your house will not be a place for allergens or seasonal allergies anymore. The air quality will increase at a manifold rate and you can enjoy healthier well-being than what you were experiencing before.

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