Mold Identification: How To Use A Mold Test Kit


If you’re looking to determine mold, there are many different methods. However, it is much easier when you use the best quality testing kit for mold. Based on your requirements you have the option of choosing among three methods. One method is to use substances as samples and the other two methods require spore techniques. It will be simpler for you to utilize the test kit since every kit comes with clear instructions. Below are some ideas to use when conducting tests in your home or office setting.

Test the Suspicious Substance

The first step is to apply the sampling swab for a sample of the substance you suspect is contaminated with mold. The next step is to place the medium into your kit.

After six to seven days, when there isn’t any growth in the culture medium, the medium is not exhibiting an increase in mold. However, if you find evidence of growth of mold in the medium there is a problem with mold to take care of. In this instance you should take the sample to a local lab for a thorough examination or schedule professional mold testing in Coral Gables.

Do an Air Quality Test

Set up 1 mold-testing kit in each room you wish to test. Make sure that the lids of the mold test kits are unlocked. Close the lids within about an hour. After 3-7 days, you’ll see the growth of mold inside your test kit.

You might want to evaluate the kits to find out the kinds of mold. In the event that you discover that you’ve got different kinds of mold you may wish to forward your mold-related kits to your local lab to be further analyzed. This will allow you to take the appropriate steps to black mold remediation in your office or your home quickly.

Check your HVAC system

The first step is to connect your mold testing kit to the heating or cooling ventilation of the system. The system should be turned on for a short time after you’ve made sure that all the other vents are closed. After a couple of minutes take it off and shut it off.

After some time, you’ll see mold growing within the kit. If you observe different kinds of molds in this kit, then we suggest that you contact your local lab for more assistance.

At the lab, experts will utilize state-of-the-art technology to detect the various kinds of mold within your home. Based on various test results they will inform you that you are dealing with toxic or pathogenic mold in your home. When you’ve received results from the laboratory, you are able to phone them to inquire about what steps you need to follow to address the issue.

If you are experiencing mold problems at home having a high-quality testing kit for mold is a good idea, particularly if you intend to tackle the issue yourself. These tips should aid you in finding the solution for your issue.

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