Power Move: How to Design the Perfect basketball Uniform?


Sports hold a special place in our hearts. We like to observe the little details of the shot played by our favorite player, his stature celebration hook steps, and his uniform. For the last few years, a lot has been changed in the sports costume making industries. There has been using science and aesthetics while making a uniform and basketball is no different. The designing and weaving of a basketball costume have entirely altered and it is interesting to see how deliberately these dresses are made, the number of matters taken into consideration and the fortune spent for the costume. Read on to have an insight into the world of making basketball uniforms.

  1. Flawless Fabrics

The choice of fabric while making a Basketball Player Costume is the most important criteria in this process. The fabric cannot be an ordinary gym vest type that loses out if sweated, on the other hand, the fabric should not also be cotton or polyester that soaks all the sweat and becomes heavy. In the making of sports uniforms, special fabric is used. Fabric that is quick-drying absorbs the sweat, stretchable, breathable, and most importantly, is comfortable to wear. Athletes and sportspersons wear the same fabrics for long hours and perform their job as well, their dress should be a support for them and not stress.

  1. Custom-tailored Costume

Whenever ordinary or nonprofessional folks try to practice sports, their costumes may be loose and lenient; but not professional players. Professional players’ Basketball Uniforms must be custom fit so that their gameplay does not get affected due to hanging clothes. Loose clothes may be an issue in their performance as well. Moreover, millions of viewers observe the players playing their game in a sports costume, so the costume is bound to be body fit and flawless. This is the reason why every player in the basketball team has his own jersey and shorts customized and tailored for that individual exclusively. For the place they represent, they deserve that much exclusivity.

  1. Gripping Graphics

Just like any other coveted sport, basketball players also have promotional sponsor logos all over their jerseys. After choosing the fabric and color of the uniform, the next important aspect is the graphic design of the dress. The outfit color should not be too light that it hides under the logos, nor should it be too flashy that overpowers everything else. Apart from sponsors, there are player numbers on the back as well. Hence, the dress should be well thought of and cardinally designed to avoid any huge blunder afterward. After all, what you are designing will be flashing on national televisions, it should be of the same caliber.

All these aspects come into play while designing the uniform of a basketball player.

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