Pre Shipment Inspection – The need and importance of it.


Shipping is the most important thing. It is when you send your goods to your customers or wholesalers, and in most cases, it is saying goodbye to a particular batch of products. But if it comes back to you, it is a big problem. Since it involves a lot of unwanted expenses and time-consuming works, but if you are willing to spend some amount on the quality check, then you can save your time, money, and, most importantly, your reputation. If you are the receiver of the products, it will avoid receiving the faulty items. This is where the Pre-Shipment Inspection(PSI) will come into play.

Purpose of PSI

PSI is conducted when the products are completed 80% or more. The main objective of shipping inspection is to ensure the product is produced as per the purchase order or as per the requirements of the buyer. It also checks whether products are meeting industry standards. So, the inspector randomly takes samples and monitors the quality as per the predefined rules and buyer specifications.

Benefits of Pre-shipment inspection

Pre-shipment quality checks are beneficial for both manufacturers and the buyer. If the manufacturer decides to do quality checks, they can avoid the returns, and unwanted things come along with that. But it helps more to the buyers in preventing receiving the faulty products. Especially if the transactions involve between nations, it is essential. PSI assists in checking the quality of products before accepting, and hence it diminishes the risk of becoming the victim of fraud. One example of a company that offers it is,

Is it mandatory?

The PSI is subjective. It depends on the product, country importing, and many other factors. It is mandatory if the importing nation’s government mandates it. For some of the products, it is not compulsory at all, and if the value is less for some products, it is not required. In some instances, it is mandatory for all imported goods regardless of their value. But nowadays, almost all countries and significant selling platforms are asking for PSI and certificates from the accredited TPI. So, it is highly recommended regardless of the regulations imposed by the governments.

When is it most important?

The modern-day business has become more global, and buyers can get the products from anywhere in the globe. But with this development, buyers continue to suffer from frequent fraudulent acts from some sellers. However, the challenge is you will not get to know which is legit and which is deceptive. For this, the solution with minimum delay and cost is performing PSI.

Procedure of PSI

To perform PSI, you need to follow the below procedures.

  • Visit your supplier with the necessary instruments and equipment.
  • Sign compliance documents prior to the inspection
  • Perform quantity verification
  • Do a final random test.
  • Check packing, tag, label, and whether your instruction is followed.
  • Function test and craft test
  • Carton drop test
  • Weight, measurement verification
  • Barcode testing and
  • Sealing of carton

To conclude, even though it is not mandatory for all the products to conduct PSI, to obtain peace of mind and other above-discussed advantages, opt for PSI services from a certified TPI company.

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