Web.com Reviews Shares the Best Ways to Save Money on Fixing Your Car



Most people assume that they need to be a mechanic in order to fix their cars. That’s not the case, and all you need to is awareness. It’s true that knowing what you’re doing certainly helps matters a lot but, in most cases, you can fix your car only with some basic working knowledge. Web.com Reviews has a list of tips and tricks that will help you repair your vehicle and save you a decent bit of money as well. Let’s take a look.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Keep an eye out for Warranties- Everything is going fine, and suddenly out of the blue, your car fails the emissions test, the batteries aren’t working followed by a broken water pump. You get the idea. You can break down at any moment, and the first step of preparation are warranties.

Warranties are a lifesaver and help you save thousands on repair costs and services. You can either get a limited warranty such as for 5 or 20 years or also avail a labor warranty in the form of recurring services.

A lifetime warranty is a future investment and will come in handy if you frequently commute with your car.

  1. Preventive Maintenance- It is not ideal for riding your car to the point of exhaustion. Always do routine tune-ups. Change your engine oil once every six months or so. Turn your engine once a year, sooner if you use your car more frequently. The idea behind preventive maintenance is to schedule your car repair ahead of time and follow up at regular intervals.

If you can’t afford everything on the list, ask your mechanic to list them based on priority. Do whichever comes at the top of the list and gradually move your way down.

Early preventive measures ensure your car stays in good shape and doesn’t go past the point of excessive damage.

  1. Core charges- Some car parts are replaceable and are referred to as ‘cores’. These include batteries, wires, and other perishables.

Once such parts are replaced, you would have to return the worn-out counterparts or end up paying a ‘core deposit’ or a ‘core charge’. In some cases, you could also receive a small discount when you return the core part. You can even get it for free, but that’s a rare occurrence.

Core parts are an excellent way to save money. Keep track of all the local shops so that you can avail the best offer possible.

  1. Research- Speaking of local mechanics, maintain a list of workshops instead of frequenting a single one. Keep your options open. You can choose a particular shop if they offer some sort of loyalty program, but you’re better off with a list of reputable stores. Some stores could charge a few dollars less for those broken struts, so keep an eye out, will you.


As you can see, none of the above points requires you to be a mechanic. Although being one surely helps when you supervise the repairs, as in most cases car owners can’t afford that time. As Web.com Reviews specifies, information is critical when it comes to saving money and car repairs.

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