Mark Roemer Discusses Reasons to Have an Outdoor Wedding



It’s finally time! Can you believe it? You are all set to begin one of your life’s grand journeys. It is an important day that is to be shared with your friends, families, loved ones, and anyone you hold dear. Choosing the perfect destination determines whether or not your wedding will be truly memorable. Couples spend days, even years choosing the ideal venue and booking it months in advance, and outdoor wedding plans are appearing in more wedding plans than before. Here are a few reasons why Mark Roemer thinks you should opt for an outdoor wedding.

The Reasons

  1. Natural View-

    The view is remarkable when it comes to outdoor weddings. The trees, the leaves, birds, lakes, sunsets; outside wedding destinations have some of the most beautiful views you can imagine.

The natural beauty of the wedding destination compliments the occasion very nicely and often saves you the trouble of arranging for additional decorations. All you need is a ramp and some arbor and white benches, and you have a splendid setup at your hand.

  1. Stunning Photoshoots-

    Aren’t you tired of staring at people’s faces and white walls in wedding photos? It’s true that a skilled photographer can make any situation shine in their photos, but in case of outdoor photoshoots, the results are outright fabulous.

A well-placed shot during the sunset of you kissing your fiancé is the one you will cherish forever. It also breaks the monotony of staring at faces and gives an opportunity to enjoy and relive your wedding in the coming years.

  1. Plenty of Room-

    There is no saying how many guests will turn up during the big day. A few less won’t be a problem, but indoor weddings pose a significant problem when you receive an excess of guests.

One of the best reasons for holding an outdoor wedding is that there is no end of legroom. The guests have lots of open space to wander about without bumping into each other. Children can also play about without causing too much ruckus.

  1. Entertainment Opportunities-

    There are some remarkable countryside wedding destinations offering lots of explorations. Contrary to indoor weddings, guests can take a walk through the valleys, take a boat ride in the lake or even take a horse ride through the forest. The outside presents a wider variety of options when it comes to entertainment.

  1. Choose any Theme-

    Every wedding is based on a theme. Recreating a theme within the confine of the walls is not only difficult, but it isn’t optimal as well.

However, on the outside, you have the greater creative freedom to arrange for a specific theme-based wedding. Spring and autumn are the most preferred and common themes due to the pleasant weather conditions. You can talk with your wedding planner to come up with some genuinely marvelous wedding plans for your outdoor wedding.


A wedding is a beautiful occasion where two souls come together and become bound for life. According to Mark Roemer, such a holy event deserves an equally grand arrangement, which can be easily arranged with an outdoor setting.

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