Why become blockchain certified?


Since most of us are working from home, we have some extra time. Blockchain engineers can utilize this time on hands to earn a certification. You have a multitude of certifications that you can pursue to increase your knowledge of blockchain and make yourself more credible in the blockchain industry

 A certification demonstrates your knowledge and ability to work following industry standards and deliver results in the interest of a business. Apart from that taking a blockchain certification offers other multiple benefits.

  1. Standout: The blockchain industry is growing at a breakneck speed. It’s expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 80.2%. The demand for blockchain professionals is expected to grow at the same time. Having a certification will build credibility about your skills, especially when you don’t have industry experience.
  2. Competitive salary: Salaries of blockchain professionals are higher than average salary in the industry. In coming times, it is expected to reach higher, according to a CNBC report. The salary of a blockchain professional ranges between $1,50,000-$ 1,75,000. A certification from a recognized authority and hands-on experience with blockchain will give you an edge over your peers.
  3. Self-paced learning: You can take certifications while sitting in the comfort of your home. Most blockchain certifications offer candidates to learn and take their exams online.
  4. Worldwide opportunities: Blockchain technology has garnered immense adoption among enterprises around the world. Gartner forecasts that blockchain will generate a business value of more than US $3 trillion by 2030. Taking a global blockchain certification will add value to your existing credentials and open job opportunities globally.

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 Choosing the right certification

 Blockchain industry is short of blockchain candidates. Though this is another opportunity for developers to become blockchain certified and move ahead in their career, it is also creating opportunities for new entrants in the tech industry. Many universities and colleges now offer blockchain courses for fresh and returning students. You can opt for university and college programs to get certified.

 In addition to that a few professional certification bodies offer certifications for all-levels of professionals. These certifications are globally-recognized and show your comprehensive understanding of the technology and ability to perform your job dilligently and in a manner that improves business profitability. Some prominent blockchain certification bodies include Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA), Blockchain Council, IBM, Blockchain Council, and Blockchain Training Alliance.

The following blockchain certifications are highly-recognized in the industry worldwide.

  1. Business Blockchain Professional (BBP): This certification reflects your in-depth knowledge of core concepts and understanding of the blockchain technology. Highly aspirational organizations are seeking people from all backgrounds who know the technology inside out and use that knowledge to stay competitive and improve business processes. All professionals – software developers, engineers, marketers, among others — can take this certification.
  2. Certified Blockchain Engineer (CBE): This certification proves your expertise in the blockchain technology. It certifies your proficiency in developing smart contracts, understanding of the Ethereum ecosystem, and working with solidity. The certification is also a proof that you are well-versed with blockchain scalability challenges and how blockchain can be implemented in a business environment.
  3. Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE): CBE is an online instructor-led program that you can take to get to the bottom of the technology. CBE justifies your adeptness in building blockchain-based applications for businesses. This credential is offered by Blockchain Council.

 4.Global Blockchain Leader (GBL): Covering a wide range of knowledge required for successful implementation of enterprise-wide blockchain strategy, this credential justifies your thought-leadership in the blockchain space. As part of the certification process, you’re assessed for understanding of principles and frameworks of enterprise applications of blockchain and distributed ledger technology. This credential proves your ease to build a business case development for enterprise blockchain or DLT adoption.
Blockchain certifications are valuable assets for ambitious business professionals and technologists. It could be a make a huge difference between progressive and stalled career. Opt for a progressive career and get blockchain certified today!

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