William Seegmiller – How Your Ad Strategy Should be Changing Given Current Events


Small businesses have found it tough to keep going this year with the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. Gradually there are more and more small businesses which are recognizing the importance of advertising but one thing which is essential to learn is that marketing doesn’t look the same now as it once did. In fact there are some great changes which small businesses need to make with their ad campaign in order to get the best results.

As the great William Seegmiller has been discussing recently, advertising now is more important than ever before given the size of the audience, and here is how it is going to have to change.

Getting the Right Tone

Getting the right tone for your adverts is going to be of maximum importance. We have to remember that whilst this is a great opportunity for businesses big and small, it is down to a global pandemic which has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and ruined millions more. That is why you cannot be crass or insensitive with your ads, no matter how creative you think that they may be. This is a time for ads which take into consideration what is going on, whilst at the same time looking to remind customers where they are if they need them.

Short Term Ads

Under normal circumstances the best type of ad campaign would be one which looks at short term calls to action as well as looking at longer term ads which focus on increasing visibility of the brand. Given what we are living through right now however small businesses need to instead switch their focus to how they can squeeze everything out of their ad dollars and that is why you should be shaping your ads to inspire consumers to buy now. There will be a time once again in the future where you can look for those longer term ads, but right now it is about getting money in the bank.

Pitching the Right Products

It is important that you are looking out for which of your products are likely to find the most success right now, this is a time to smell what is selling. There are certain products which are going to get far more attention right now than others, owing to the new normal we are living in. This is business 101, learning what the customer needs right now and then showcasing its If you sell board games and jigsaws for example then you may not normally sell many but you can bet your bottom dollar that you will shift a good amount of them this year. The business which is quickest off the mark with regards to this are is going to be the one which finds greater levels of success. When marketing, make sure that these are the products which you are putting front and center.

Marketing is still necessary, but it has to be done differently.

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