5 super helpful tips to create your wedding invitations online


In this day and age, the concept of printing a wedding invitation card and going around distributing it to a couple’s intended guests, is slowly giving way to simply purchasing wedding invitations online that could be instantly shared with friends and family over Email, Facebook or Whatsapp. So here are 5 things that couples should keep in mind while selecting an e-wedding invite.

Select a Credible Platform

There are probably hundreds of websites that offer couples the option of creating wedding invitations online but not all of them provide an enriching customer experience. The steps for creating e-wedding invites on some of these portals can be too confusing for the users and may also lack secure payment methods, thereby leaving the customer data at a huge risk. This is where platforms like Wedding Wishlist are different because their user interface is very smooth and couples also have the satisfaction of an encrypted website.

Select the type of Wedding Invite

Wedding invitations online are available in different forms like video invites, regional invites, animated cards, multi-page invites etc. So it is important that couples decide on the nature of the wedding invite that will be suitable for them beforehand, as the price varies between each invite type. Digital wedding invites also have the added advantage of being eco-friendly and less expensive when compared to printed invites, thus making it an attractive option for any new gen couple.

Select an Invite matching the theme of the wedding

Themed weddings are the flavour of the season and some popular wedding themes like Traditional, Royal, Floral, Retro etc have already found many takers. In light of this, it makes sense for couples to opt for an e-wedding invite which is in line with the theme of their wedding. Wedding invitations online also provide choices to the couple in terms of the font type, spacing and the invite colours as per their preferences.

Verify the Wedding Details before sharing the E-Invite:

This point is often overlooked by some couples. A wedding invite essentially contains the details about the bride and groom, their families, the time, date and venue for the wedding and also gives an insight to the guests about the type of events planned. Therefore it is crucial that all this information is thoroughly checked for any mistakes and verified before it is shared online publicly with guests. A wedding invite with incorrect details can be a harrowing experience for guests some of whom may be coming from far just to make it for your special day.

Always opt for a customizable E-Invite:

The present Covid’19 situation is presenting a unique challenge for couples as last minute changes in the wedding date and venue is quite possible due to the restrictions on the number of guests attending a wedding. In such situations, it is prudent on the part of the couples to purchase wedding invitations online which can be edited as per their convenience in tune with the evolving social situation.

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