Treatments to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction (ED) commonly known as impotence is a globally prevailing condition. Men suffering from ED are not able to attain or retain erection for the required time period. This prevents penetration and completion of sexual intercourse. Around 1 million men in Australia alone are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Most of the time erectile dysfunction is the consequence of an underlying problem, while at other times it might be the core issue. The condition of ED is not persistent in all cases as the dysfunction ranges from being mild, moderate to complete dysfunction. In Australia, 1 in 5 men over the age of forty have complete ED; while 1 in 10 experience the issue in a mild range.

Since ancient times erectile dysfunction has troubled men. The remedies and treatments practiced during those times were based on superstitions and were extremely harmful to practice and consume, thus are now completely disregarded. The advancement in science has resulted in better understanding of the cause and symptoms of ED. Treatments and remedies with a higher probability of positive results are now available.

The foremost step is to find the core of the issue; you should seek help from a professional doctor and perform proper diagnosis. In case the issue is some underlying disease, medication of that ailment should help you in reducing the issue or at times a change in the medicine or their dose can help. Therapies should be performed to overcome the anxiety and stress in case the main issue is psychological.

A healthy lifestyle is the key to a healthy life. Many a times a shift to healthier living can cure the problem. Physical movement is the key to solving ED. Walking almost thirty minutes a day, along with performing exercises not only helps strengthen the abdominal muscles but also keeps a sturdy blood flow across the body including the vessels for erection. Further more physical exercise helps in maintaining a healthy weight and reduces unwanted body fat. This accompanied with a healthy diet consisting of adequate proteins and vitamins further reduces the ED symptoms and helps in curing it faster.

Oral medicines are one of the most widely used and effective method of curing ED. Viagra is one of the oldest medicines made to cure the issue. Initially after some negative trial tests it was declared safe for use through a prescription in Australia in 1998. Lavitra and Cialis are other such medicines which are used for the curing erectile dysfunction.

Low testosterone level is another issue responsible for erectile dysfunction in men. In Australia on an average around 29% of men above fifty, and around ½% men below fifty have lower than required testosterone levels. The treatment involves infusing testosterone in the body. Testosterones are entered in the body through oral medicines, direct injections and physical application. The entry channel depends on the individual need of the patient as too high or too low levels can both result in mental and physical health complications.

In case where oral help doesn’t work, physical vacuum device and surgical solutions are sought in to cure the issue. The former is a plastic device which creates a vacuum to increase blood flow and later clamps the veins to retain erection. The latter is performed when all the other options become unsuccessful. Implants are placed in the body which help in retaining firmness and perform the complete physical act.

While these treatments are showing positive results; trials of many other tests such as injecting tissue re growth elements and using shock waves to regain and retain firmness is being done. Medical treatment is extremely important for a healthy life.

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