Dr Mark Swaim – Risks Healthcare Workers Are Taking For Us


One of the saddest stories to come from this virus is that there are healthcare workers who have lost their lives. Why is this the saddest? It is the saddest because the nature of their jobs put them in the eye of the storm, and they always will do. It is sad because these are some of the smartest and kindest men and women on the planet and it is sad because those who have lost their lives did so trying to save others. I have long respected what these men and women do, thanks to the friendship which I have wit the fantastic Dr. Mark Swaim, and the events of the past 6 months have given me even more cause to show my enormous respect for all of those working in the healthcare industry.

These men and women are taking risks each and every day, for us, and for no other reason than human decency.

Protective Equipment

Many governments around the world have greatly let down its healthcare workers because of a severe lack of personal protective equipment. In spite of this gross negligence we have still seen healthcare workers turn up every day and do all that they could with what they have. Not only have we seen the sheer braveness of these men and women but we have also forced them to be resourceful, something which most healthcare providers should hang their heads in shame about.


We learned early on that those who are heavily exposed to the virus are more likely to face a tough time when they get it and this is the main reason why so many in the healthcare sector have sadly lost their lives. What is mightily impressive however is that even knowing this, those on the frontline still scrubbed up and went in to do their jobs, amazing work and amazing people.


What many fail to realize is that as healthcare workers have had to take time off when they contract the virus, that has heaped pressure on those who remain and we have seen some truly incredible photographs of healthcare workers with gouges on their faces from wearing goggles for 14 hours per day, who are exhausted beyond all comprehension and who will not only go through this again tomorrow, but every day after that. These men and women have given everything to us and they deserve every single bit of respect that comes their way.


Everyone has to remember that these men and women have lives, they have families which they have not been able to see, they have husbands and wives who they have not been able to hold and they have given all of that up for us, risking their lives each and every day to save ours.

It is time that we gave these men and women the respect and the praise that they so richly deserve, these should be our heroes, now and in the future.

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