How To Find The Best Surgeon For Hair Transplant In Punjab


Hair transplant

People take the utmost care of their hair so when they feel like their efforts are in vain, it may be quite unsettling. One method used to combat hair loss is hair transplantation. It is the method in which new hair is transplanted to the area where the old hair is falling out. Regardless of the age, you start experiencing almost uncontrollable hair fall, you can fix it with transplantation. Although people were skeptical of this method initially, it is said to be the best method to fight hair loss now. So what should one know about hair transplantation? How to find the best center for hair transplant in Punjab?

What to expect?

  • The time taken for the procedure depends on the type of transplant you choose. Usually, it takes about four to eight hours. You may also need another procedure depending on the results or if you want thicker hair.
  • Most people have noticed that their scalps were very tender after the surgery. You may need to wear bandages around your head for two or more days. The surgeon may prescribe antibiotics and pain killers which you may have to take for several days. You can most probably return to work in two to five days.
  • The transplanted hair will probably fall out within two or three weeks after the surgery but it will soon be replaced by newly grown hair. People have noticed new hair growth of 60% within 6 to 9 months after the surgery.
  • Like any other surgery, hair transplantation also has a chance for risks. Some people experience infection or bleeding. There is also a chance for scarring and for the newly grown hair to look artificial. Some people also experience inflammation. None of these side-effects are permanent and can be treated with antibiotics and other prescribed medicines. Consult your doctor if they do not gradually subside. If you want to learn more about hair transplant, kindly visit this dedicated website for useful information.

Hair transplant in Punjab

Punjab is home to India’s Sikh community. Covering an area of 50362 square kilometers, it is the 20th-largest state in India and inhabits over 30 million people. Sikh men usually wear a turban on their heads. The turban is tightly wound and it can pull the hair, weakening it, thus leading to hair loss. Hair fall rates have been reported to be quite high in Punjab, especially among men and this is only one of the reasons. This is why hair transplantation is highly popular. Doing a hair transplant in Punjab can also be a matter of self-confidence. To find out more about how getting a hair transplant might improve your life, visit this website:

How to find a good surgeon?

Since hair loss is already a sensitive issue, finding a reliable surgeon is essential. Search for reputed hair transplant surgeons online and among friends and family. Talk to the doctor and their patients about the results. Ask the doctor for before and after photos of their surgeries. The doctor must suggest the best procedure for you so that you can get results that suit you and do not have many side-effects. The cost of hair transplant surgeries depends on the number of grafts but they generally start from around Rs 65000. Your surgeon may be able to offer a better price. This website provides you complete information regarding hair transplant in Punjab.

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