Considered the high-end solution for professional website hosting, the dedicated server is distinguished by its performance and the autonomy it brings to the company in terms of management and operation. It’s cost and the difficulties associated with its administration, however, make it a solution intended primarily for large companies or those engaged in online commerce even if the alternatives exist. The dedicated server price is very reasonable compare to another hosting. Big companies can easily afford it.

Know about working of a dedicated server

The dedicated server is a physical server located in the data center of your host. Unlike web hosting solutions (described as “shared”), you are entirely responsible for the administration of your dedicated server. Unlike the shared server, it has its fixed IP address from which you can connect and manage the resources of the machine. It concentrates all its processing power, memory, and connection strength on a single client or a single task.

A dedicated server for what needs

The uses of a dedicated server are multiple: big data, machine learning, hosting of essential sites and web applications, storage, and backup, infrastructure virtualization, server cluster, business applications (CRM, ERP), or even game hosting.

How to configure a dedicated server

The dedicated server must be configured to adapt to your business needs and adapt to your infrastructure. It allows you to deploy a hosting environment for your websites and applications, to store large volumes of data and to benefit from significant computing power.

Advantages: performance and autonomy

A dedicated server allows the client to have all of the server’s resources. Performance and autonomy are therefore guaranteed since the company will be able to use the server as it pleases without having to depend on the whims of other websites hosted on it. The company also has all the administrator rights, which allows it to carry out all the software installations required to achieve the objectives of its site and to optimize security. The dedicated server is therefore essential for a professional website intended to receive significant traffic and to host large work files (video advertising, photo gallery, contracts, etc.).

Reasons to opt for a dedicated server

In the context of a web project, it is not always easy to know whether it is better to opt for a dedicated server or a shared server. Today, we invite you to discover 6 good reasons which should encourage you to orient yourself towards the first choice. But beware, this does not mean that the shared server is to be banned, far from it…

1 – Shared hosting too poor in resources

Shared hosting does not have enough resources to run all of the components and applications that will be present on the final version of your website.

2 – Administrator access is required

Since the data of several projects are accessible in a shared server, it is impossible to have administrator access.

On the other hand, if you wish to opt for a dedicated server, this possibility will be offered to you.

3 – Installation of specific components or business software

If you want all employees of your company to have access to very specific business software or new features, a dedicated server is relevant. You can take home-made software there without fear that it will fall into the wrong hands and make it accessible to all members of your teams. It is Simple and easy to use.

4 – Installation of resource-intensive applications

Whether for reasons of loading speed, speed of execution, etc.… certain applications may require large storage space, processor power or even significant disk resources. Fortunately, if you have made the choice to opt for a dedicated server, you can reinforce the on-board resources at any time.

5 – Server stability

For most web projects, having a stable server seems essential. With a quality dedicated server price, you will benefit from ultra-high-speed bandwidth which will guarantee the server’s stability.

6 – A scalable server supporting the development of your project

Just because your current project requires only limited resources doesn’t mean you can’t think big. Who tells you that if the success is there, other needs in terms of resources will not be necessary? This is why opting for a dedicated server from the start of your project will avoid any subsequent mutation of your data. And then, no doubt that knowing that you have a scalable server will make you want to fully exploit its potential.

Conclusion: You could say that choosing a dedicated server to host your website allows you to have a lot of freedom and to build your hosting according to your own needs and specificities. It is, therefore, a wise choice when hosting large sites and/or high traffic or sensitive in terms of security.

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