Rapid-fire answers to clear the dark doubts about Intensive driving course!


Short of time and patience, are you? But driving a vehicle is all you can dream of! And those long, lengthy, once in a week driving lessons seem a torture to you? Well, then you have to try investigating the pros of intensive driving lessons. A super fast way to get the right driving knowledge and experience within a week or two is the best answer to your demand of learning to drive without much ado! And the best part of it is that – almost all young people today prefer to take this course rather than spend months in learning driving through normal lessons.

If you love gliding on the roads in a nice vehicle, yet don’t know much about driving it, you’d better take an intensive driving course in Birmingham from Just Pass Driving Academy. They have all sorts of planned and conveniently timed courses designed for you under the guidance of skilled expert teachers. You’d obviously learn driving a car like a pro within a short period of time, inclusive of your theory and practical test and a license! All within affordable rates! What more could you ask for?

Ø  Let’s answer the common queries about the intensive driving course!

We know you’d be eager to take this course after reading the above lines. But there may still be some questions clouding your mind about the same. And it’s time you got your answers before they seem to misguide you from one of the best courses you can take to learn driving. Read about some common frequently asked questions about intensive driving course below:

o   How many lessons would be included in an intensive driving course? — Each person has a different level of understanding and grabbing capacity. You may be a beginner in this or one who knows somewhat driving already. Your instructor would best recommend the courses you’d require for your lessons after accessing your knowledge during the first session.

o   Do intensive driving lessons work? — The simple answer to this is yes! But the essential conditions for the same are that you should be determined to learn and your trainer should be excellent with great knowledge!

o   The ideal time span per lesson — If you want to know for how long your each session would last, then beware that mostly all driving schools keep a lesson lasting for 1 hour in an intensive driving course. But if you go for 2 hours a week, you have higher chances of finishing your course faster.

o   Is automatic or manual car better for an intensive driving course? — Though most of the instructors prefer teaching in a manual car, even learning in an automatic one is ok! Of course, you’ll have to pay a higher charge for lesions in an automatic car, while the fees of manual ones are lower.

o   Are intensive driving courses safe? — This course is as safe as your normal driving lessons. The only difference here lies in the time taken for the course to complete.

o   Can I drive immediately after finishing my course — Yes! You can start driving immediately after you finish your course and pass your driving test and secure a license.

We hope all your doubts are clear about the intensive driving course. Let’s see how well you can perform in your driving test after taking this course!

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