Easy maintenance tips to take care of outdoor timber pergolas


Pergolas are expensive options for your home if you have one installed outdoors, then you should take proper care of it. This will ensure that the pergolas have a long-lasting life span. The maintenance part might vary depending on the material.

Several other details can make a difference in the maintenance factor. If well maintained, then pergolas can be your best relaxing space outdoors.

You can search for timber pergolas in Perth options and go through the maintenance features. The task is not important and you can take care of it just like an expert.

Outdoor timber pergolas are available in various designs and sizes and irrespective of its design or size, the maintenance has to be carried out.

Ensure the frames are scrubbed regularly

Scrubbing has to be done consistently and regularly. The material that is used in the construction process can be expensive. If not well maintained, it can weather out in a few months. You also need to keep in mind that outdoor pergolas are exposed to harsh weather elements.

Over some time, they may accumulate debris and dirt. Molds and mildews are also common elements that need to be checked. Scrubbing action will prevent dirt and dust from accumulating for a longer time.

If these elements are not checked then they can damage the external structure. If you have used waterproof wooden material then you can also wash it regularly.

Avoid using cleaners

Cleansing agents and solvents can damage the wooden structure. These should be avoided when cleaning the pergolas. You can try and wipe it with a moist cloth. Warm water treatment is never advisable.

Mild soap or detergent water solution can be the right choice. When wiping, ensure that no soap particles are left behind accumulated on the frames.

Clean cooking areas

Pergolas may have inbuilt cooking areas. This is the spot that is more prone to damage. The moment you clean, ensure that proper care has been taken. The area has to be washed daily if you cook here very often.

Grills and tables should be well maintained in top condition. Metal parts of the pergola grills should be wiped using soap solution. Glass is best cleaned using paper towels. Each edge an elbow has to be wiped daily.

Avoid climbing vines

Many people often try and highlight the pergola features with vineyards. If you have creeping vines growing, then ensure it is well trimmed regularly. Unchecked vines can damage the outer structure. Stone frame pergolas are more withstanding as compared to timber ones.

In case you come across any part that is damaged then it is advisable to replace it immediately. Damaged frameworks can weaken the foundation of the timber pergolas. Damaged timber can easily be replaced. It should not cost you much money.

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