Getting the best deal out of your old unwanted car is not very easy. Selling it to scrap yards is the only option you have if your car is old or very damaged. This might not get you much money but you should not expect much when you are giving away an unwanted rusty car to the scrap yard. Some cars might get a good deal out of this. To find out read on. Here are some factors to consider the value of your scrap car and how to get the best deal out of this.

  • Your car’s present condition: Scrap yards take all kinds of cars no matter what condition the car is in. If it is in running condition or not, they will take it. If you have your car in running condition then it will get you more money than a dead car. Many parts like radiators, engine, transmission, etc are considered while buying it if the car is in working condition.
  • Age of your If you are looking for cash for scrap cars for an old or severely damaged car, don’t wait for long. Because as days pass by, your car gets rustier and this will tremendously decrease the value of the car in the scrap yard. They might just weigh the car and pay you for its weight which is not at all profitable.
  • Salvageable part: You can count on your car’s salvageable parts if you are planning to sell your car to a scrapyard. If you have repairable parts it can get you more money out of your car than you actually expect. So, don’t wait for long. If you have your car in working condition or have parts of your car that can be saved, go and sell it immediately for a better deal. These parts are repaired and then kept for other buyers looking for a more economical way to modify or change their cars.

If you look for sell car in Auckland, there are many options to take your car for selling in scrap yards. You should not expect to make so much money by selling your old car to the scrapyard. But you can hit jackpot if your car is a rare piece and very valuable vintage car. That will get you good money but this is not applicable to everyone.

There are many scrap yards which take in cars on a regular fixed price. You may not get any chance to bargain. No negotiation happens in such places. Selling all the reusable and repairable parts is the only way you can get more. You can even tell the scrap yard workers to scrap the car before crushing it so that working parts can be saved and separately paid for.

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