Popular Omnicure UV Curing Systems


For over thirty years, Omnicure has been a trusted manufacturer of UV curing systems. The popularity of Omnicure UV curing is attributed to the simplicity and reliability of the systems. The UV curing systems are made for different applications. The designs of the systems depend on the required curing intensity and area to be covered. Here are some popular types of UV curing systems manufactured by Omnicure.

Omnicure S2000 Spot UV Curing System

The Omnicure S2000 is recognized among the world’s best spot UV curing systems. The system offers high-level control and precision for consistency in curing. The Omnicure S2000 spot UV curing system is incorporated with the Omnicure R2000 radiometer for efficiency. It has an inbuilt real-time closed-loop feedback mechanism made of an integrated optical UV sensor.

The Omnicure S2000 has a powerful UV lamp that yields up to 30 watts of power per square centimeter. The lamp has a typical lifetime of up to 4000 hours. This UV curing lamp system combines broad spectral compatibility and automatic tracking of hours, making it one of the most intelligent UV curing lamp systems. Additionally, the system provides fast and consistent curing of UV adhesives resulting in high-quality products.

Omnicure S1500 Spot UV curing System

For automated manufacturers, the Omnicure S1500 spot UV curing system provides the best control, reliability, and high-intensity irradiance. The system offers accurate control of the UV lamp output for consistent and precise curing. The 200 Watt curing lamp in the Omnicure S1500 has a lifetime of up to 4000 hours with a guaranteed operating time of 2000 hours. The lamp offers a high irradiance of up to 23 Watts per square centimeter. The fast shutter activation of this system makes it ideal for high volume manufacturing.

The Intelli-lamp technology used in manufacturing this system helps in cooling the lamp and monitoring its hours of activity. This helps maintain optimum operating conditions and stabilize the lamp output to achieve a longer UV lamp life. The system can be externally controlled through a PC making it ideal for automated assembly processes.

Omnicure LX500 LED Spot UV Curing System

The Omnicure LX500 LED spot UV curing system is the most cost-effective option for industrial applications. This curing system is designed with Intelli-lamp technology, which monitors the LED lamp temperature and lifetime data. Intelli-lamp technology also maintains the optical stability of the system to ensure consistent curing. The Omnicure LX500 LED curing system comes in two options, two-channel or a four-channel. This system’s control interface allows operation of several LED spot UV heads simultaneously or independently at different wavelengths. This makes it ideal for high volume manufacturing processes.

For efficiency of the UV curing systems named above, they should be coupled with the right accessories. There are several accessories manufactured by Omnicure for the curing systems. These include the Omnicure LX500 LED UV Radiometer and Calibration Kit. The operators of the curing systems should be well trained to avoid accidents and improper curing. Some manufacturers of UV curing systems offer training for their clients.

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