The 10 Most Expensive Diamonds in the World


Diamonds are forever, diamonds are a woman’s best friend, a diamond in the rough – all these expressions highlight the beauty and strength of the world’s most famous stone. Take a look at the 10 most expensive diamonds in the world in this article!

10. Orange

€ 32m This 14.82 carat brilliant orange diamond set a world record when it sold for € 32m in 2013. By and large, pink and blue jewels are the most looked for after, however this excellent diamond It shocked the world with its orange excellence and its size.

9. The Princie

This 34.54-carat pink diamond has been known for 300 years, ever since it was discovered in the Golconda mines in India. In 1960 the Van Cleef & Arpels jewelers bought it from the Hyderabad royal family, and named it ‘Princie’ after the son of the Baroda Maharani Sita Devi, a famous and extravagant member of high society who lived in Paris.

8. The Graff Vivid Pink Diamonds

€ 38.7 million A 24.78-carat rectangular diamond, classified by the Gemological Institute of America as pink diamonds – the highest saturation rating. Laurence Graff, known as the ‘King of Bling’, bought the diamond, which was set in a ring, for € 38.7 million.

7. The Pink Star – € 60.7m

This brilliant pink beauty, formerly known as the Steinmetz Pink, is the largest pink diamond ever discovered, and has the highest ranking of ‘Vivid Pink’, awarded by the Gemological Institute of America. This 59.60 carat diamond was purchased by diamond cutter Isaac Wolf in 2014 for € 60.7 million, but in the end, he couldn’t afford it. Currently, its value is estimated at 60.7 million euros.

6. Wittelsbach Graff – € 67.4 million

The Wittlesbrach Graff is a beautiful blue diamond, discovered in India over 300 years ago. This 35.56-carat diamond was part of the Austrian Crown jewels for a time, after which it was purchased by Laurence Graff. The jeweler asked diamond cutters to remove the flaws, sparking a stir of discontent among historical circles … In 2011 the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bought it for € 67.4 million.

5. The De Beers Centenary Diamond – € 84.2 million

This colorless diamond, which takes its name from the De Beers Consolidated Mines, has achieved the highest ranking for colorless diamonds, color grade D, meaning that inside and exterior is impeccable. It weighs 273.85 carats, although the original cut weighed an incredible 599 carats.

4. The Hope Diamond – € 250 million

This mystical 45.52-carat diamond appears blue to the naked eye, but under ultraviolet light it looks phosphor red. It is believed that it is cursed and that it brings bad luck to whoever owns it. Legend has it that it was stolen from a Hindu statue, and that when the monks found out they cursed it. You can see it (safely) at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC.

3. The Cullinan – € 337 million

The highest quality raw gemstone ever found. Even polished it is incredibly large, at 530.2 carats, and has been dubbed ‘The Big Star of Africa’. Today it is part of the jewels of the British Crown.

2. The Sancy – Priceless

You can currently find this yellow diamond in the French Crown jewelery collection at the Louvre in Paris, but it has had many owners. It was named after Nicolas de Harlay, ruler of Sancy, a sixteenth century French officer and negotiator. This light-yellow precious stone weighs 55.23 carats and is molded like a shield. As it is so uncommon and costly, starting today its worth is obscure.

1. Koh-i-Noor

Too Expensive to even think about having a name this amazingly fine 105.6-carat white jewel has changed proprietorship commonly since it was found in 1294. A few Sikh, Mughal and Persian pioneers claimed it and were left without he while losing regions after the wars. In 1850 the Koh-I-Noor, which signifies ‘pile of light’ in Persian, was appropriated by the British East India Company, and is presently possessed by the British Crown. The specific estimation of the Koh-I-Noor isn’t known, in spite of the fact that there are gossipy tidbits that guarantee that it is esteemed at in excess of a billion euros.

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