The Benefits Of A Large Voice-Over Database In The Creative Industries


Producing audio ads, videos, games, and other content consists of many aspects. But one of the most important is the voice-over. It will be heard by potential customers, viewers, players, and more. Success largely depends on choosing the right voice. So, Voquent voice-overs are here to help.

How does content production begin?

The development of an audio advertisement must begin with a goal and an idea. The purpose of a commercial is to provide information about a product or service. The audio clip will need to advertise a new collection of goods, messages about promotions, and discounts. Thus, you inform the listener and entice them to visit the store, consume the entertainment, or buy your product.

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The promo video promotes brand recognition. It is used to remind audiences about the activity of the company. It is a presentation of a brand, only in form of sound and visuals. The message and image of your brand can be successfully constructed through promotional video and audio.

But no idea can be 100% effective without the right voice. At Voquent, thanks to a vast database of voice-over professionals, you’ll find the perfect sound you’ve been looking for.

Who needs a professional voice-over?

Are you preparing a commercial for YouTube? A presentation for your colleagues? A training video for an online course? A professional voiceover is a must-have! Voice-over narration should correspond to the project’s tone and needs: confident, melodic, with effective pitch. Our speaker base has it all!

“Everyone can talk! Can’t I do my own voiceover?!” – Talking casually and professionally recording with a microphone are very different. Try recording yourself on a tape recorder, and you’ll understand everything. Moreover, even with a nice voice, you’ll need to record the audio with exceptional quality and implement the recordings with a perfect time sync. This requires the work of a professional audio engineer too.

Professional voice-over narration is a necessary step for success when it comes to audio-visual content. And the process is simple! Within just a few steps, the perfect speaker is ready to record. Our extensive database of voices includes authentic voice actors in any language or dialect worldwide. Simply browse and shortlist for a quote.

Why us?

Our site provides a search filter where clients can narrow their search for the perfect voice by precisely specifying the project’s needs. From the location, gender, age, tone of voice, and vocal characteristics to language and accent. We also have:

  • Over 1,700 accents and dialects to choose from.
  • Audio engineers vet and approve the home studios of verified talent in the database. Therefore, quality sound is guaranteed.

Our platform also provides voice demos of each voice actor, based on the specific search criteria you require, so finding the perfect voice-over is easy.

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