The Joys of Chartering a Bus For A Group Vacay


There is a group of 12 of us who go on our vacation together each year and last year we all flew down to Georgia for a week. When we arrived we were thinking about doing what we usually do and renting 3 or 4 cars. As we came out of the airport however , we saw a sign which read ‘where rent charter bus in Atlanta’ we were instantly sold and we felt that this was going to be a great idea for the rest of our stay, to have a chartered bus to take us around the state. As it happened we had planned to do quite a bit of touring around doing our time in Georgia and so this proved to be the perfect option, and we turned out to be absolutely right. If you are going on a group vacation then here is why chartering a bus for your time there is going to be a great idea.

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Spending Time

When you are on a bus you can all spend time together, mixing and mingling and that of course is something which you don’t get when you are all in separate cars. We spent over 28 hours on the road during that week in Georgia, that would have been 28 hours that most of us would have been apart. This of course greatly increased how much we loved the vacation and we were able to spend more time together than ever before.

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Having our very own driver not only meant that we could go where we wanted when we wanted, it also meant that nobody had to deal with the stress of driving on unfamiliar roads or having to make sure that they were in good shape to drive. Of course this means that if you had a rough night of sleep that you could relax on the bus and if you had a glass of wine after dinner you could all join in knowing that none of us had to go on and drive.


There was something very comfortable about being transported about on the bus, we could get up and stretch our legs if we were on a long journey, without having to stop, we could use the WC on board, again meaning that we didn’t have to stop and we would all chop and change seats to see different people, or perhaps even just to have a little snooze. This was travel in the most comfortable way that we could imagine and because we were all one group, the bus is entirely yours and that meant music, dancing and a whole lot of fun.

This is something which we are most certainly going to be looking to do again for our next vacation and to be honest, the costs associated with chartering your own bus, when split between a group and when compared to care rental, was very cheap, yet another reason why this was a great choice.

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