Frank Andreoli Montreal – Why You Shouldn’t Always Listen to Travel Advice


For Frank Andreoli Montreal was where he grew up and where he has always longed to go back to. It was for this reason that when I began asking my work colleagues where in Canada they thought I should go to, that he was so strongly in favor that I visit Montreal. As it happened I listened to his advice and decided to shun Toronto and Vancouver as others had mentioned, and I am so glad that I took his advice. It can be very difficult when people give you travel advice and here is exactly why it is important that you don’t listen to every bit of advice that you are given.

What Are You Looking For?

Very often people will throw out places that you just ‘have to visit’ despite them not having a clue where you are interested in or what kind of things you want to do. Now if you have a deeper conversation with them as I did with Frank, you can then describe the sort of things that you are after and then at that point they will be able to say whether or not the place that they had in mind would meet those needs. Any advice other than this can simply be ignored.

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I think there is also something to be said for the types of standards that some people have. I discovered this on a trip to Spain recently, after speaking to my British friends. They would say that places like Benidorm should be ignored because they are Brit paradise and that they are not ‘real Spain’ and that Marbella would be a smarter choice. All I was looking for was a cheap hotel, possibly all inclusive, and a beach front, and that is what I got in Benidorm. Yes there was a lot of Brits there and a bit of the place was cheesy, but ultimately it ticked my boxes. Now had I been looking for a truly authentic Spanish experience, I certainly wouldn’t have got it in Marbella.

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Bad Experiences

Bad experiences are very often an individual thing rather than something that always happens and this again is why it is worth taking any tips with a pinch of salt. For example a friend of mine at work told me that I should steer clear of Vancouver because it was a very snooty place to go. The truth is that whilst it is a trendy, hipster, middle-class haven, it was a bad experience of his in a restaurant which then shaped this opinion which he had. In many cases people have had a bad experience and they have allowed that feeling to then dominate their opinion of somewhere. Again this is why when you speak to people about destinations, it is always important to get into the nitty gritty as to why they did or didn’t like the place.

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Take advice, just make sure you drill down a bit further into the truth.

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