Top Tips That ISC Students Should Not Miss


Ask any student how they feel about the exam and the most common answer that greets is that it is difficult. Just as acing the chief subjects is not that easy, it is also not impossible to score well in the board exams. Class 12 is important for students, as it determines their career to a large extent. The Indian School Certificate exam is conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. How to prepare for exams? has always been a very important question that is discussed in this article.

How to Ace ISC Exams?

Now, most students aspiring to ace the exams of the ISC board can follow some top tips that are given in this article. Doing so will help them to perform well in the exams:

  • Do not keep preparing for the exams until the last minute. Stop kidding around and be prepared to face the exams confidently
  • Have a proper time management in place and plan the studies. Don’t just mug up all the topics and subjects like that. Having a time-table comes in handy
  • Master the textbooks and refer to the other resources or study materials. Mark important points and make notes of the highlights and important topics
  • Always refer to the notes as it helps to revise the main topics before the exams
  • Revise properly at least once or twice before the final exams. Maintain a balance between relaxing and revising the entire subject thoroughly
  • Look up previous year papers or sample papers. Solve them to analyse the performance and plan the studies accordingly
  • Avoid cramming at the last minute and don’t just study for the sake as the students will find it difficult to retain anything for the exams, if they study like this
  • Always make sure to understand all the concepts and topics properly so that students will be more confident to face the exams
  • For subjects like Maths, Physics or Chemistry it is always better to write down the formulas, equations or theorems and learn them properly
  • Solve sample papers or have mock exams to get an idea about the exam pattern and to get familiarised with the difficulty level of the board exams
  • Students are also advised to seek help from fellow students or teachers to clear any doubts they may have regarding any topic or subjects

Additional Points To Consider

Meanwhile, students are also urged to consider these points, while facing the exam:

  • Always stay calm and face the exams fearlessly and confidently
  • Never Be under any kinds of pressure or stress
  • Be well-prepared and manage time most beautifully
  • Avoid eating junk food and sleep well to avoid any kind of illness

From the textbooks to sample papers and solutions, students are urged to refer to almost all kinds of resources or study materials before writing the exams. One such totally important resource for the students is the ISC Syllabus. A student who knows the syllabus properly, will find it easier to plan the studies with required focus on subjects that they are weak in. Hence, any student who follows the given suggestions and has mastered the syllabus will find it a breeze to ace the board exams.

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