What Qualities Should You Look For In A Professional Chauffeur?


While you have every right to assume that the driver selected for your journey by your chosen chauffeur service, will be professional and courteous, unfortunately, this isn’t always a given.

Whatever your requirements may be for a chauffeur, you want them to be able to give you the best service, and knowing what qualities to look for, can help you select a company that offers expert chauffeurs in London.

From airport drops and pickups, to business meetings or lunch with friends, nothing beats the reliability and luxury of a chauffeur driven car to get you to your destination. But to make sure you don’t regret your decision to forego a regular taxi in favour of a chauffer service, here are some qualities every good chauffeur should possess:

A license with a clean record

You have every right to ask your chosen chauffeur service for the licensing details of their chauffeurs, and to check whether their driving record is clean. Reputable companies will only ever employ drivers who haven’t got any points on their license, but if you’re concerned about this, you have every to check with them.

A professional appearance

Arriving to collect you dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, is acceptable attire for regular tax drivers, but chauffeurs should maintain a more professional approach to their job, and be dressed appropriately. While a traditional black and white outfit may be the norm for the majority of chauffer service companies, others may simply ask that they wear a suit and smart shoes, and it should be a given that the suit is clean and has been ironed.

In addition to their attire, chauffeurs should be well groomed and look neat and tidy. They should also pay close attention to personal hygiene, and maintain their own standards of personal care to the same level of cleanliness as that of the vehicle.

Being prepared and punctual

Arriving early at the designated pickup spot is ideal, but at the very least, a chauffeur should arrive on time. By using GPS and closely monitoring traffic and weather conditions, they should research alternative routes not just to the pickup point, but also to the destination, to ensure that they aren’t late, and as a consequence, make you late, too. Your chauffeur should have a sound knowledge of the local area, and also be prepared for your trip with them by installing car seats for children if necessary, or taking any other necessary precautions related to the client and their journey.

Able to handle pressure

It’s sometimes the case that a client isn’t easy going or friendly, and may even be aggressive or demanding, and in such instances, a chauffeur must remain calm, keep a cool head, and most importantly, behave in a professional manner at all times. They should also be able to handle the pressure of changing traffic and weather conditions, and act within the confines of the law to get clients to where they need to be, quickly but safely.

Be of an amiable disposition

Working closely with clients and often being in a confined space with them for some hours at a time, chauffeurs who are successful and good at their role, will understand how to communicate appropriately with their clients in a way that puts them at ease and reassures them that they will complete their journey without any stress or problems.

Some clients may prefer to sit in silence throughout the duration of the journey, while others may wish to engage in chit chat; it’s up to best chauffeur company in London to understand the needs and wants of the client within a short space of time.

Be discrete

The privacy of clients must remain of utmost priority to a good chauffeur, and as such, they should never repeat anything they may have been privy to hearing or seeing, within the vehicle.

If a chauffeur falls short on any of the above points, they probably aren’t best suited to the role, and you may wish to find a local company that employs a higher quality of chauffeur.

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