What You Need to Know Before You Move a Piano


Anyone who has had the experience of moving the piano will know that it’s not an easy job. It is essential to make sure that the piano has enough room; you need to carry protective gear with you so that the instrument doesn’t get scratched; and there are other considerations, too.

A lot of people might think they know enough about pianos and how to move them without doing their research, but this is not necessarily true. If you want to safely transport your instrument from one space to another, you need to prepare in advance and go into detail about all the things you must do beforehand.

The Right Tools

If you decide not to use a piano moving company, you will need more than just a truck to be successful piano movers. You need dollies, padding,straps, and plenty of help.

The Right Kind of Truck

You must have a truck that can withstand the entire weight of the piano. Pianos are heavy, so they must be transported in a strong-enough truck. If you will use a grand on wheels to move the piano around, it needs to have sufficient space for its weight and length. This means that you need to make sure the cruiser has enough free space for your long and heavy instrument.

Equipment for Protecting the Piano

Packing pianos is a risky task and you need to take steps to protect them from any damage during transportation. Pads, bases, and covers are things you need on hand when transporting the piano.

Pads are not unusually heavy, but they are essential for protecting your piano from scratches and dents. A thick pad can also protect the felt-bottom or wooden hammers or dampers. It is also a great way to prevent your piano from getting damaged during transport.

Bases will help you protect both the keys and action. Bases are a great option because they have protective layers that can prevent damage to your instrument during transportation.

The Right People

It takes at least two people to move a piano, and more is always better, especially if the piano is particularly large or heavy. Everyone must be skilled, know what they’re doing, and be safe.

A Clear Path

You need to ensure a clear path from the old location to the new one, ideally with no stairs or tight corners. If you must move the piano up a stairway, you will need plywood ramps to cover the stairs. The piano must be wrapped to protect it from damage. Then, it is loaded onto a dolly and securely strapped down. Then, it should be possible for three people to push the dolly upstairs.

When moving a piano, there are a lot of things you must pay attention to, including your timeline and getting the right people to help you.

If you want to move your piano on your own, knowing what’s involved and how much physical effort it will take is quite important before making any firm plans. Moving a piano without the right kind of planning can be quite difficult; it’s not just about choosing the right day and time, but also considering certain factors that can make all the difference. Visit our website https://www.buildgreenatlantic.org/ to get more information about cleaning, moving piano, home décor and other home improvements.

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