Essential Things You Need To Know About The Naplex Exam


f you desire to practice pharmacy in the US, you have to pass a series of exams, including the Naplex test. Having a pharmacy degree is an outstanding achievement towards becoming a pharmacist, but it isn’t enough. The degree is meant to equip and prepare you with the necessary knowledge to go to the next step. And the Naplex exam ushers you into that step.

Passing this exam may be easy or difficult, depending on your preparation. Taking Naplex practice questions can help you prepare for the exams. However, if you want to prepare for it entirely, you also need to know more about it.

This article explains some essential things you need to know about this exam.

The Content And Structure Of The Exam

This exam essentially covers two main competency areas, namely pharmacotherapy and health outcomes and administration of medications. About two-thirds of questions come from pharmacotherapy, while a third of questions come from medication administration. Naplex questions can come in various formats, including:

* Multiple-response

These are questions requiring you to select all the correct answers from questions that have multiple right choices.

* Free Entry Response

These include calculations that require a numerical answer.

* Multiple-choice

These have one answer but multiple choices to select from. Some students improve their opportunity of finding the right solution through elimination.

* Scenario-based

Scenario-based questions give you patient cases and information such as physical exam results, a medication list, and imaging results. These require you to assess this information and derive an answer from it. One scenario may have several questions for a specific case.

* Ordered Response

These questions give a list of corticosteroids according to their ascending order of potency.

How Your Naplex Score Is Calculated

Though this exam has 250 questions, not all the questions are used to calculate your final score. This is because 50 among the 250 questions are pre-set and not meant to be included in your overall score. However, it’s best to answer every question as though it’ll be used to tally your final score because it isn’t easy to identify the questions that’ll be included and those without value.

Unlike other exams whose final score is calculated from the correct answers, the Naplex score is calculated through a scale. It’s determined by the product of the questions you’ve answered correctly and the degree of difficulty of the questions. If you answer more difficult questions, they’ll be assigned more weight than simpler ones. Are you interested to get more tips and tricks for passing exams? Visit our dedicated website for further details.

When Are The Results Released?

According to the NABP, your scores are supposed to be on the online portal seven days after the test. However, this is only possible if your jurisdiction participates in reporting the online score. If it’s not a participant, contact the pharmacy board to determine when and how your results will be released.


As a pharmacy student, you have to get a license before officially starting to practice pharmacy. Obtaining this license requires you not only to take a degree but also to pass the Naplex exam. Preparing for this exam isn’t enough. You need to know other things about it to increase your chances of passing.

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