How to Deal with Car Breakdowns


Vehicle breakdowns could be very annoying for drivers, mainly when it’s on a long trip, and you are in the middle of nowhere. However, most reasons behind vehicle stalling or breakdowns are more familiar than you might think. Here are a few factors that must help you with your vehicle, In case it happens to break down, unfortunately.

Problematic tires

This is one of the most experienced issues by drivers. Either the tire blasts because of sharp objects on the road or due to undesirable air pressure. In some cases, the tire will lose air steadily and cause a breakdown. This is the indication of improper air pressure in your vehicle tires. Always adhere to the ideal pressure values given in your car’s handbook to avoid such scenarios. It is encouraged to keep an extra tire, to be doubly sure that you do not end up stranded in a highway road.

Engine oil level

Both too low and too high oil levels in your engine can be unsafe and can prompt breakdowns. To keep track of oil levels, it is critical to routinely check the level by means of the dipstick in your vehicle. The level should consistently lie in the middle of the two lines on the dipstick. Again, the vehicle handbook will give you the correct oil level details for your vehicle.

Running out of fuel

This is another common reason for your vehicle to break down even though it sounds lame. The fuel indicator system can be faulty sometimes and can show a fuel level that is not precise. If you are up on a long trip, make sure to keep your fuel levels intact and carry additional fuel in an external container to be safe. This fuel can prove to be useful if you miscalculate the levels and run out of fuel.

In case you are abandoned with no fuel left to run your vehicle, looking for help from mobile mechanics can be a good idea. Car mechanics in Brisbane can help you get through the breakdown quickly.

Dead Battery

A low battery or a dead one can be the most widely recognized reason for a car breakdown. You cannot turn on the engine with a dead battery. For the most part, your vehicle’s battery will last 3-5 years or even shorter in case you live in a chilly area. Assure that your battery is checked by your service provider every year or two. Watch out for signs of a low battery such as delayed engine start, starting trouble, decrease in the intensity of the lights, and so on. If you witness these issues, then recharge or replace your batteries.

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